my take on free agents/potentiel free agents

....with regards to Goodspeed....the nfl is a very distant option....especially after the injury he suffered last year....the nofunleague has an over abundance of 'o' linemen...Canada loves Wpg...and IF the money is close in the bidding with another club...Tommy will be back...I agree about Sheridan...he is injury prone...didn't miss too much action last year...but it is a concern...Picard was an unexpected gift last year...this guy is a keeper....and with a healthy Khan...our 'o' line will still be in good shape...Obby can also play tackle ...and that versatility sure helps...i guess we'll see how every thing shakes down after Feb. 16...or maybe before.....?????? :roll:

hammer what comment sdid tommy make about winnipeg. he seemes top love being out here you shoulda seen him at the airport after the east final.

It was in the week after the cup he was asked about resigning and he got really quiet and said I don't know we'll have to see what the offers are. His tone and manner seemed really apologetic and I read it as he already knows what the Bombers offer is and knows he can get more elsewhere. Of course it could just be that I'm full of it.


Careful you probably shouldn't be reading this I doubt you have the IQ points to spare

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good boy.

ight i never saw the interview. but from what i know taman has already discussed with him and his agent about a new contract but is still solving the budget before he puts money on the table for him or any of the other free agents.

Taman is waiting to hear about stegall before he offers anything to anyone.

well ya but that also consists with how the 07 budget ends. last thing we need is to go over the cap and be fined.