my take on free agents/potentiel free agents

Guys to bring back: obvious three tom canada, matt sheridan, dan goodspeed

other guys id like back are jamie stoddard, ryan dinnwiddie, chijoke onyenagecha, kerry johnson and stevie baggs

chijoke and kerry both howed immense potential last season when they got playing time...

the only guys id really look at are chip cox, lawrence gordon and sandy beveridge off the potential free agents list.... real slim pickins this year

chip coz i a sure tackler, aggressive and had 3 picks both years he played with the als

lawrence gordon had 2 picks both year with hamilton, hes only about 23

beveridge, well what can i say, hes NI, had three picks one year when he played all 18 games, and hes a good size

if we fail to resign tom canada then id go for terrel jurineack and hope to heck he can stay healthy.... id definately bring back stevie baggs for depth

if milt decides to retire id want to bring in tony miles for our number 3 guy, or dominguez if he ends up a free agent.... i dont like how dominguez seems to get big injuries year in and year out though

thats about it... i think our team is pretty solid all around, bring in some lineman and DBS for depth and possible upgrades and i think were reay for next season

well if and most likely when milt retires i don;t see the need to bring in another big name, both terrance and derrick are good recievers and more then able to catch more passes and still gives us 2 threats in the air.

i do resign stevie baggs for depth cuz he definately a capable player. i would like another good bd or 2 cuz ours this year was injury prone and until we got juran seemed incapable to make an int.

but my first worry is working the budget and trying to get tom matt and dan back. and although it is hard to say if milt decides no then that opens 240k to allow us to offer our amin guys more cash.

why not have 4 capable recievers though? you actually want our offence to drop off in 08 compared to last?

by four im including arjei franklin. you want to just settle for franklin, terrence and derrick? why not throw miles in there so that the hole milt leaves wont be completely empty… i say fill it as much as possible

Whats the point of adding these WR's if they wont be used?

For a fourth reciever, whats wrong with brazzell? or even if we re-sign Stoddard....and im sure Stokes can be thrown into the mix once every so often.

More WR's arent needed.

exactly slither. we have no reason to kill the extra cash on another reciever. derrick and terrance will be our main guns, and guys like arjei and chris will take the heat of the dbs off them cuz they offer their own threats. and i hope we resign jamie cuz he is severly underrated and can offe ranew dimension if used properly.

chris brazzell will and should be outa here, we dont need him in the lineup again, he drops way to many passes and takes up to much cap space for being a depth guy

and stokes or stoddard just arnt good enough to fill milts shoes, im sorry

actually stokes is probably just as good an option as tony miles for reciever, i dont think he would be able to handle being a full time reciever and a returner though.... and flight 87 has looked good when he been given an opportunity.... whatever, i hope milts back anywase

imagine milt derrick terrance stokes and franklin

i do hope taman gets rid of bush and brings in chip cox though, if he does in fact become a free agent

He did fine in previous seasons when he was given a chance, he just got screwed over by the ratio rule this year.

I just dont think WR is an area of concern. We should focus primarily on our DB's, and re-signing some good players.

i don;t think we are saying they are good enough to cover stegalls abilties, but the terrance, and derrick combo are. u use guys like stoddard for the automatic catch when we need it.

actually i was think the derrick and terrance combo would fill in for the derrick terrance combo we already had this year.... and was looking for someone to hopefull fill half the void stegal will be leaving when he retires... but hey if you guys want to just let our offence drop that much thats your opinion

actually he got screwd over by being worse then our starting group of recievers. other then maybe oniel wilson.... chris brazzel is a faster import version of oniel wilson.... drops and all

james i disagree with you ompletely. now neither derrick or terrance will cover for stegall that s agiven no1 will. but they would be number 1 players on any team in the league and between the 2 of them can handle the load very well and it won;t sputter our offence cuz they are already familiar with our system and glenn.

losing milt and not finding a key reciever to put in his spot will spuuter our offense.... it will still be a good offene because we have the likes of derrick and terrance and arjei, possibly kerry johnson... but to not aknowledge what milt brings to the table is foolish

in no way am i saying bringing in a reciever is the top priority, definately re sign our own guys first and bring in ome DBS maybe some lineman and some canadians first, but it should definately be taken into consideration if theres cap room for it

i agree that losing milt is huge, i don;t think any team as really lost a player that has done so much for their team in the leagues history. but i honestly beleive that between terrance and derrick that our recieving corps will be a dam good 1. it will open up more oppurtunity for the both of them and they both ahd awsome seasons this year as it was with milt. i honestly don;t think that this team needs to spend cash on a proven reciever when we already have 2.

milt probably opened up more opportunities for them, because teams were probably very focused on him giving him the double coverage, or putting there best against him

ya that is true but they also had to give derrick and terrance that respect to. the both of them will still allow us to have a strong offence with our without milt.

there is no arguing that Canada, Goodspeed,...and Sheridan....i wouldn't like to see any one of these guys slip away...ala Brian Clark....We better find the cash for these guys if we expect to make it back to the Cup in 08...When these guys have re-upped...we better give Glenn a raise and consider re-signing the rest of our fa's...Stoddard is still a valuable guy to have on the roster...Dinwiddie...after that, the others should fall into place....failing that, we have to go after some new blood...or other fa's ,namely Cox from the Als...or perhaps Dominguez, if Milt calls it a day...At the end of the day i believe all teams will be very mindful of the SMS...and i would be very surprised to see any 'big' movement of players this year....we'll see..

Your right pappa, Some of these guys are going to be suprised that the money for most clubs is not there. So they either sign or end up like abdulah did last year sit and wait.

Goodspeed is the number 1 priority it’ll cost about $140k to keep him up from the $80k he was making. That’s if he doesn’t decide to try the NFL again. I think Canada will be hard to resign from hearing his comments I don’t think he’ll show any loyalty he’ll sign with the highest bidder so if someone else really wants him he could be gone. I like Sheridan but he gets injured every year so if Obbie Khan looks like he could rebound I think we would be ok without him as Picard could take his place.