My take on B.C. jerseys

Hi there...I've been on my own website, taking all the Reebok CFL gear and making it look better, in my opinion. In the case of B.C. I introduced more black, and I'm quite happy with the results. I want to know how people like my work. Follow the link for more...and I'm hoping to read some interesting opinions. There you go.

Kind of messy, but not bad to go with richer colours.

Nice, but the helmets are fine they way they are, just need to have the paw logo instead of the BC one.

The current helmut logo is one of the best in the CFL. But I would like to see the paw logo used for certain games. The new uniform could use a little more black trim. I was always impressed by the black/silver uniform combination, however orange/white are more traditional. What I don't like about the new Reebok look is that for most teams the trim around the neck shoulder area is too noticeable and at times looks as if a separate circular piece of material is being woren. BC's is not bad Calgary the worst. Should be toned down.

BC is Orange and Black, the colors should be used primarily.

will you shut up about the jerseys. Just say it once, and move on.

Very cute jerseys. Alot of jersey talk lately, and alot of cute jerseys just fabolous.

You need to step up your paintbrush game, but i like your ideas. Espcially the helmets.

rank of jersey's IMO

Ottawa(older ones were waaay nicer)

the jersey colours they have now are meant to be 'retro', that may be why they didn't use sharper colours. Better than those silver pants though, come on.. those were so '90s