My Support For June Jones Is GONE

Can't take this guy no more and insane calls to just rip my heart out. What's he doing? Come on, Man. What was that ?? I'm done.

I, too, expected a whole lot more from all 3 phases .Tolliver doesn't seem to be all the way back. We missed Tasker and his chain moving catches . Speedy disappeared and please don't say that "fall down on my face in the clutch Ed Gainey" covered him like a blanket. How can you start the second half with Thigpen running right up the middle, untouched while our "run stopping" middle linebacker is out to lunch.

I'm not done but like you, I'm extremely disappointed. I expected more.

Pat Lynch

This is about where we are right now, pretty average and a little less than Sask. I think the results showed that.

Garney you are being to kind when you say pretty average. I do get the drift here but I also see this team needs to improve just about everywhere.

Lets start with good on-field coaching decisions! Third and one from your side of the field should normally be a punt.

Agree Garney ,we're average and lacking at receiver due to injuries (Captain obvious) and I think maybe Speedy should be a Defensive Back (tongue in cheek)...lacking...
Has June been reading the forum here about the good ol days with quick kicks ,maybe trying to out smart the other Jones?
Keep it simple sometimes is best .Punting like Gage ...Unless gambling wins....hmmmm
Or is this the first game back after the bye week blues?We looked as bad as Ottawa after their bye week .

3rd and inches from past the 40 is fine. The play call was a joke.

Anyone that has watched this team knew Masoli was going around the end, he's done it all year.

That’s ok Boyz we have a plan B insurance policy on our team if we start tanking bigtime !

Buy a ticket feed Da Cats!!

What baffles me on that play is that all the blocking was to the right, with the tight end on the left side. And then Masoli ran to his right. Was the thinking that the linebackers would see this and shift the other way to cover the hole?

The biggest problem on that play, though, was the one defender who slipped through the line, forcing Masoli back from the line. Someone missed their assignment there. Not sure who, but I'm thinking Filer.

They put 3 receivers in motion to the left....didn't fool anybody. We all saw it coming.

My family drives five hours to and from each Ticat game. On the way home I listened to Jone’s post game press conference. He taked about Masoli having a bad game and on the show they also talked about Masoli having a bad game. If you are aware you quarter back is struggling and you have a great backup, you shouldn’t be coaching at this level if your fellings don’t allow you to make the right decisions. Not sure if I’m coming back as a season ticket holder.

How do you know we have a great backup? He hasn’t done anything in several years and Jones gets to watch him at every practice. It seems obvious he’s not ready.
It’s amazing anyone would drive that distance to a game. Good on you. But...there’s lots of football left to make an emotional decision now.
After 41 years of having ST I’ve lived through much worse than this. It’s still early. Might get might not.
Good or bad, it’s still nice to watch live football and not listen to TSN commentators ?

It would be nice to know if he is as talented as we hear he is. I guess thaw only way to find out is to put him in. He should of had been given the chance in the forth.

We'll let June Jones know that you need to know how talented he is.
With his friendship and love for Masoli I doubt he's even spoke to Manziel in practice let alone give him some reps.

Big, big disappointment last night, I really felt we had a good chance to win that game. Two weeks to prepare and we saw which Jones made the adjustments, and which was totally out coached. Saskatchewan improved in all phases and increased by 13 points, Hamilton regressed in all phases, with the possible exception of one ST play, and increased by 7 - the ST touchdown. Blaming the players on execution, and dumping on the QB is grade school stuff. If players "love" to play for this guy, they sure didn't demonstrate that last night.

Why would J Jones punt out of his own end zone in the third, automatic FG for 3, and possibility of 7, which was the case? The stadium was alive until that third quarter run by Thigpen, and then things got worse. C Jones used his half time to adjust, J Jones must have been out watching 'The Beaches'. Don't understand wasting a International position on White - take away his one long run and he was probably around a 3 yard average. Masoli out-rushed him. That quick kick thingy was bizarre, and for God's sake when will Jones learn that 3rd and inches is a bull rush right up the gut with the QB under centre?

J Jones better fire himself as OC and get someone else, Corey Grant has to step up or be replaced, two weeks to come up with that boondoggle second half was an embarrassment , if not an insult, to the league. Makes Montreal look like a stable, progressive franchise.

Is Kent Austin still around as a consultant? I think he and Orlondo need to be consulted, ASAP.

I'm not ready to throw June Jones under the bus, but I expected more creativity this week given how we similarly fizzled against Sask two weeks ago. But the playcalls were entirely predictable (everyone in the stadium knew JM was going to run to the right on 3rd and inches) or entirely baffling (punt from endzone). Baffling does not equal creativity. It seemed we had no adjustments, no plays to stretch the field, no way to handle the blitzing defence. Of course the players must execute and avoid the mental errors along the way (intentional grounding on a free play?!?). I hope JJ can learn from this one (you're never too "seasoned"). It's obvious the Ticats we saw last night are not yet Grey Cup ready including coach J.

Maybe he should go back and research the Jim Trimble/ Ralph Sazio play books. 24 plays, no option routes, do it this way and do it right.

Maybe our players are in a mental fuzz with all the options.

Maybe on punt returns we should have 3 men back, one to catch, 2 to block initial tacklers.

Maybe we should go back to the TWO CANADIAN running backs and can all but 1 American

Maybe the players need the explanation the word is concentrate not constipate

Between the two games…

One coach Jones saw his players lazy and unfocussed at practice and read the riot act. The other coach Jones said “aw shucks” and “pondered” some changes and told 40 year old coaching anecdotes to reporters and radio hosts who hung on his every word.

Judge for yourself how players performance can be reflections of their coaching environment


I think you nailed it.