my suggestion to change a rule with challenges

now I came up with this idea yesterday.

in 2016, the CFL should alter the challenge rule.

a team cannot call a time out to get more time to check out a play in order to make a challenge on the call.

so for example, Jones was trying to determine whether or not to challenge that PI call.

he either throws the flag within the time frame before snapping the ball or

A: the team gets a time count violation

b: no challenge is made


C: time out called so they can run a play properly.

I personally believe that this should be a delay of game penalty on the bench if the call a Time Out in order to gain 30 more seconds to decide if they challenge or not.

Thoughts please?

If he want's to blow a time out to catch a replay then that is his prerogative. He can also call a time out to blow his nose or tie his shoes if he wants. To me it is no more of a waste of time than calling a time out to freeze the kicker or rethink a 3rd and short play call.

If he had lost the challenge, and it had been his second challenge, it would have cost him a second timeout - on the same play. Would that have resulted in a delay of game penalty?

I totally agree with changing the challenge rule. Calling a time out should be the equivalent of snapping the ball.

You have a certain amount of time to make a challenge, once the ball is snapped or you call a time out the game has been advanced and you lose the right to challenge. Make a decision. Challenging the previous play after calling a time out seems like the game is going backwards.

I thought that only the coach could challenge a play, and if a player asked for or even
motioned for a challenge, he would just end up drawing a penalty on himself instead. :roll:
Does this mean that a player can challenge any play, even one that the referee didn't call in
the first place? That could make for a long game. :?
I also didn't know they could take back a time-out or take unlimited time discussing it back
and forth, what to do. :expressionless:.....

One issue is that the home team is generally sure to show replays of a controversial play on the big screen for the benefit of its own coach, while avoiding doing so in a way that may help the opposing coach. Meaning the visitors can be totally dependent on TSN showing a prompt replay to help them make their challenge decision. And TSN can be inconsistent.

Since the challenges are tied to the time outs, I don't see a problem. I suspect that if it was Ottawa that did this, there would be no comments about it.

no, it just happened to be that Edmonton made the call.

As someone else pointed out, the team can call a timeout whenever they want for whatever they want. If a coach wants to burn a timeout to take an extra look at a play for review it is within the current rules. All you video review disciples can't praise the system when it works and then cry when it doesn't suit their personal sense of right and wrong. You take it warts and all.

Precisely why I say the system needs to be eliminated for a couple of season and rebuild from scratch. Much like the NFL did in the 90s. But that still wouldn't change my opinion on this, what a team uses its timeout for is their business and if they want to waste it thinking about a challenge then that's what they will do. As was pointed out by someone, how is that different than taking a timeout to ice a kicker.