My Suggestion for Game 3

One of the bright spots on the team is our kicker Setta; why not let him kick a field goal every time the Cats get within the 40 yard line, regardless of what the situation is--unless the Cats are really driving the ball. The way he kicks, the points are almost guarenteed, and if the can accomplish this eight or nine times in a game that's 24-27 points right there. Certainly an improvement, I would say. Add to that, hopefully, some points from special teams and perhaps a TD from a rush or a good pass and we have a respectable score.

Oh if only it was that easy......but its not so no!

but we aint gunna win a game from getting field goals!

we need touchdowns!

We gotta get inside the 40 first...

The point is, though, to score points, and the FG is the most reliable way to do so given the current predicament. The desperation surrounding getting TDs has gotten to the point where its really demoralizing the team. Focus on getting point, not just TDs. Start putting points on the board, confidence returns, and the TDs will start coming again naturally.

Maybe FGs are too optimistic...let's focus on singles.


An Argo-Cat fan

Sorry, but we don't even get inside the 40 enough to kick 3 field goals never mind 8. Just because something isn't working doesn't mean you give up on it completely. If you don't keep trying then you'll never score a touchdown again.

On D:

-cut Shaw replace with Gauthier or Beveridge

On O:

-cut Maas, replace with Chang
-cut Cook, replace with Hudson, Cheron or Dyakowski
-cut Dickerson, replace with Radelein
-cut Walker, replace with Holmes (at slot)
-cut Gardner, replace with Anderson (at WR)
-rotate French into the lineup at the other slot
-we have a first overall draft choice who for some reason is not even seeing the field. PLAY CHRIS BAUMAN MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Ticat fans actualy like seeing exciting young players like Chang, Bekasiak, Reid, Glasper, Dwight Anderson, etc. So WHY IS CHRIS BAUMAN RIDING THE PINE????????????)

Not with the strategy the Cats are using at the moment. Much of the malaise the team is experiencing is due to desperation in not being able to score TDs. Remove that pressure, they should be able to move the ball better and will get within the 40 more often. Take the three points, unless the momentum is clearly in the Cats favour, and start the cycle over again. If you get within the 40 yard line, just take the guarenteed three points regardless of the down; better that than potentially losing the ball on a turnover, being forced to punt due to dumb penalties or other yard-losing plays.

gettin inside the 40 is tough when you go 2 and out every drive!

Not if Chang starts.

Well, well, well... It would appear that my suggestion has some merits after all. There were several times when the Cats were within 40 yards and ended up blowing it, when instead they could have had the three. What a difference those points would have made...