My Stampeder Brethren.

Fingers crossed this Sunday that our Stamps can put their stamp on this CG by winning it!! If they lose this one the “choke” label will be forever entrenched in to the fabric of this team.

Enjoy the game, I think this team has learned a lot from last year. I expect a win!! Go Stamps Go!!! 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)

It’s official. The Stamps will be forever be remembered as perennial choke artists. A title well deserves. Cursed, how else could that loss be explained. I don’t blame Bo for going for it. Probably frustrated as hell.

Tough loss for sure, but a strange decision on 2nd and 5 in field goal range. Maybe the kicker was hurting, or maybe Calgary thought that Toronto was starting to take control, so they thought with some luck they could steal a TD and avoid overtime. Anyway the surprise call surprisingly didn’t fool the Argos, who apparently were playing for the tie and overtime.

…I don’t think the decision to go for it on second down is all that bad, you’re playing for the win on that down, knowing you can kick the field goal still on third down…

…sure you could run the ball to slightly better your field position and play for the tie, but I don’t mind that they played for the win instead…

…I do mind the execution though, throwing into double coverage wasn’t a bright idea…

For such a good QB it was a very bad judgement of the situation and bad decision.
Personally, I believe BLM was trying to live his words and claim from last years loss (the ball needs to be in MY hands on last play). Lots of pressure placed on himself and some bad decision-making resulted.

…definitely some bad decision making at the time of the release, no question there…as to his mindset at that time who cares what your opinion is, you’re an admitted stampeder hater so your opinion in this part of the forum is completely worthless…

Come on folks,lets lose this idea of this team being a bunch of chokers,if you get to the Championship game two years running and lose by a couple of inches (the knee down) or the ‘Ottawa bobble’ (new term for Jackson’s bobble across the goal line in OT), the term is came up short.Weren’t the Alouettes labeled chokers in the early 2000’s, then won a few Grey Cups after that? Yes we have had are fair share of heartbreak,1968,69,95,99,2016,17,but I prefer to dwell on the positive,1971 (an Argo bounce that went our way!),1992,98,2001,2014.I’ve followed and supported this team for 51 years,and I’m with Dave and his " I don’t dwell on the past".
Brian Woods

The Stampeders have been the best team in the CFL for the last couple of years, as their regular season results show. Unfortunately they came up just short in the 2 Grey Cups.

I was surprised they didn’t just run the ball on that last possession and kick the goal to send the game to Overtime, or at the very least, call a pass play but with the instruction that it’s only to be thrown if the receiver is totally uncovered.

However, all is not lost. A few players will be lost to retirement and free agency, but the bulk will return for another shot, and I’m sure they’ll be in the mix.

“I’m sure they’ll be in the mix.”

I think we can count on it.

Learned a lot from last year? i guess not! The Stamps were the better team (ONCE AGAIN) but the elements probably did them in and maybe a little bit of overload on the cockiness too. Go into O/T instead of go for win and they probably win.

I do blame Bo for going! Throws into double coverage. Throws a hail Mary, so 1 in 3 chances for receiver to catch. Bad odds. A tie would have been assured and a chance to win in O/T. Interception = absolutely no chance.

Well nothing is guaranteed. There are plenty of examples of teams and individuals who were thought to be nailed on to come back and win the following year, after a heartbreaking loss; but instead, they went into decline.

Now I think the Stamps are strong enough and deep enough to overcome this loss, and to challenge again next year, but it isn’t a certainty.

I believe the Stamps will once again lead the west and likely the league overall.
Their issues in the big game is more about how to handle and forget about that leadership position - in the ONE game where none of that matters anymore.

The best team to emulate would be Patriots. Before, and during games - they look like they could be at risk to lose every game. Their focus and ‘eye on the prize’ attitude - is amazing.

That is true Nick. Nothing is certain. I remember when the BC Lions to Hamilton in Grey Cup '63. They made it to the Grey Cup in '64 and beat the same Hamilton Ticats. Sweet revenge I guess.

Lions fans were looking forward to a possible Grey Cup victory in '65. Not only did it not happen, the Lions didn’t even make the playoffs. No one was expecting that. How does a team go from being in the Grey Cup in back to back years, actually win the 2nd Grey Cup and then go tot he cellar the next year. I don’t think of Lions of '65 looked much different than the Lions of '63 and '64 but something happened.

I’m expecting the Stamps to do well again next year and perhaps even take it all but who knows?

Stamps will always field a strong club.