I found people in Montreal very, very polite and helpful. Of course there were people who had english problems but thats understandable. It was the first time for me to take the train. Scared a bit at first but found it to be very easy. Weather was was good ,sunny but cold.The game was close and the food was good and cheap.The Grey cup is will and always will be a tradition and past times liked by many canadians. Else wise then this creepy big fat guy with a mustache only wearing a bath robe nothing was disturbing! :wink: Tom Wilson and Teenage head, shaking Patrick Roys hand as he entered the Arena at the Bell Centre was cool. Waiting 30 minutes for a sunday at scores restaurant wasnt. bumping into Mosca on the street and being told " It would not be a greycup without seeing you there" was funny because we bump into each other every year. The most important thing of this week is it brings people from all over the country and the states for a short period of time to share good times and see a football game at the end of the week to top it off. This is why I keep coming back to the Greycup every year ,year after year yearning for the next one afterwards. Many new friends many more new memorys keeps this past time special and new every year. +60,000 fans proved it and showed another success for the CFL. Good job again.

Just seeing Box J guys in your outfits were great. Don't know you guys at all but great seeing you there. :thup:

Hear hear on that !!!

Perogiefest was a smashing success!!

Drivers are a little "agressive" and the price for beer was rediculous ($27 for a 12 pack).

Bumping into Jake Ireland on the elevator was priceless Sat night

Did you give him your white cane :cowboy:

There is nothing wrong with Quebec drivers, you just need to adapt to there superior driving.

Also what beer were you buying. I payed 20$ for a 18 pack of Molson Ex!!!!! yum yum :rockin:

I offered it to him but he said he had a guide dog and didn't need the cane :lol:

The funny thing is I didn't see the guide dog during the game...What gives!!???