My Scathing Criticism of the CFL/TSN/ESPN

OK, so perhaps ESPN doesn't pay much to rebroadcast the games - I'll have to find a link somewhere to confirm that. But they do own around 20% of TSN, which means they contributed a few million dollars at some point, likely keeping TSN in existence. In my experience, that does entitle ESPN to some rights.

I do think your stereotype of Americans is a bit misguided. Sure, there are some Americans who act like you describe, just as there are many Canadians who act that way - all those "CFL is a joke, not real football like the NFL" people. But there are quite a few Americans, many on this forum, who understand and appreciate "our" game, not to mention the ex-pats who still follow and support the league around the world. I, for one, welcome them as fellow fans. Not sure why you can't accept them as well.

Trust me, he does not speak for the rest of us. And he may soon join a very exclusive club - my foes list - for his unacceptable anti-American statements.

How can you complain about seeing replays of challenged calls? Your whining defies logic. You'd rather not see various angles and replays of a play in question?

This sounds very much like the other casual fans who don't understand football and want to talk about commercials and commentators rather than discuss the actual play on the field.

So only Canadians are allowed to voice opinions ?
Funny , never noticed that in the guidelines.

There is an OT section if you guys want to debate politics.

BTW, the only thing I hate about Trump is he destroyed my beloved USFL.
It was fun having 2 football leagues to follow. Now I only have one.
Well I do have my XFL and UFL memories.

Other than that, I like the guy. He does not give a crap about the political correctness North America is handcuffed by. :thup: He is ok in my books

You have to agree, he and Hillary are both better than the wet wimp noodle , we have as a leader . :thdn:

Donald Trump is a serious threat to every other persons security in the USA. Why anyone would want that moronic dungslice in control of their destiny is beyond the intelligent people in Canada and across the world. Be prepared for a sad, sad, sad period in your american life if the crazies outnumber the wise at election time down there. Remember when it comes time for americans to turncoat on trump, Canada had warned you. Here's the deal. If Trump fails to get elected, we Canadians will consider some Americans intelligent enough to voice their opinion about the CFL. Fair enough?

Remember that there are some good and some bad people in every country. Don't condemn an entire population because of the government they elect, and the subsequent actions of that government. Remember that we Canadians have elected both Stephen Harper and Justin Trudeau recently. Depending on your political leanings, one of those two probably doesn't represent you. So why would an elected American government, whichever party or president it is, reflect on all Americans? Most recent US elections, if not all, have been decided by a percentage point here and there. Which means at least 49% of the population voted the other way.

[And that's all from me for this off-topic topic.]

Back to football ...I don't mind some of the constructive criticism of the broadcasts because I have been for quite awhile a harsh critic of ESPN myself though not as much of TSN in recent years, but the great action in the last two games sure has made the difference over and beyond the rhetoric including some of the hot air in this thread.

For commentary on American politics, I recommend that thread in Off-Topic. Don't say I did not warn you.

Like many I'll just stay on as a CFL fan just fine because we can only build from here and on some great footing with this start this season. The overall action on the field so far this season seems better than in at least the last three seasons if I recall correctly.

I like and want to read posts from all CFL fans.

That includes the Americans who are more than welcome in my books. :thup:

How this went from broadcasting to direct insults and politics is confusing to me. :?

Yet , I did jump in. :roll:

However, if it can just go back on topic, maybe the mods will not tear it down.

You had me until the misogyny and racism. Have fun on Team Bigot. You go on my Foe list now.

[i]You say the only Americans the CFL needs are the players. What about all the American coaches, scouts and GMs? Our owner is also American.

Are you trying to be the Canadian Trump! :smiley: [/i]


My only complaint is I can no longer watch TSN on my Bell Mobile TV, even though it is currently advertised as a channel that is available on the app...

The same sort of crap goes on down here in the US with the likes of Verizon and their Fios service, for which I have been told in some way they have begun to limit access of some content streamed from other devices over their network and into a SmartTV via an HDMI connection.

It is up to government, and only government, to uphold net neutrality beyond regulation but also with aggressive enforcement. The alternative is this sort of nonsense to restrict access to content and/or upcharge (i.e. that bogus sports package while you are crammed otherwise full of craptastic channels you don't want) on top of whatever you paying by these firms.

It's not like these firms have not otherwise have had plenty of tax benefits and public subsidies to go along with their lawful oligopolistic or monopolistic positions for private profits depending on where the service is provided. :thdn:

Canada does have net neutrality, like any other free nation, so it must be a Bell issue.

But obviously like in much of the US, which also has net neutrality, enforcement and degrees of penalties for violations are a whole different discussion.

And I would not let these firms slide with the ol' technical glitch excuse because by golly there are so many of them as appears to be the case here at minimum. Let's see if Bell Mobile TV resolves this "technical issue" or whatever is going on there.