My "Reply" to post goes to "draft" instead of posting

On Sept 4th I attempted, several times, to post a reply in Why CFL football has become my favourite sport. Each time the window changes and shows my post in the thread, but greyed out. A red bar appears below my posting with the message “saving”. The “saving” icon is neverending. After quitting the “saving” action, I find the post is in my “Drafts” inbox. And I see no way to “post it”. I’m caught in a vicious circle and my comment isn’t getting posted. Any suggestions please. TY

Never seen that before, @GridironGirl @moderators any suggestions?

i’m just testing a reply effort on this thread. test test test.

Posting comments on this thread work for me. I am now going to check if that other thread is now allowing me to post.

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hmmm looks like it’s working here :slight_smile:

It has happened to me a couple of times. I wrote it off to gremlins. I don’t know the reason why it occurs but maybe GG does. I believe I just deleted the draft post and started over.

if this happens, check your drafts in your user profile - activity - drafts tab here:

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I see your post now so assume that your problem has been rectified.

I did finally get that comment posted but the gremlims I experienced haven’t fully let me go.
Maybe it’s this old laptop I have been relegated to use. I’ll keep trying. thks.

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Thank you! Fiddling (deleting) with the drafts created helps me past this iron curtain and into the ball game in due time, but not smooth enough sailing to my liking. For now I’ll fight the gremlins.

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