My rant on the Grey Cup game

This, is not a good day.

Fans from all teams except Montreal can't know the feeling of this. You can't imagine how painfull it is to have lost the greatest Grey Cup game ever.

This is painfull because that game was a beauty to watch. A heartstopper. A nailbitter. Because we so often switched from disappointment, to euphoria, to rage, to hope and to so many other emotions.

Well, all those must be the reason why it must also be the best feeling in the world to actually be an Eskimos fan this morning.

You don't want to lose such a game. Losing to the same Eskimos in 2003 was not as hard as this one because the game wasn't as magnificient as that of last night.

I believe the Grey Cup game did showcase the two teams that most deserved to be there. They proved it.

I believe no team should have lost this one. After each team scored an overtime touchdown, I couldn't figure out how one of them could lose and the world still be a fair place to live in.

The Alouettes played an amazing game. The Eskimos played juuuuuust a little bit more amazing.

The reason the Alouettes lost is because the Eskimos went a tiny bit further in greatness. That's it. That's all.

I am so sad we lost. But yet, am so proud our league can provide excitement you'll never find anywhere else.

I must now warn you all. If I see anyone blame Calvillo for this loss, I will snap your fingers off. Calvillo made everything. All year long. All the tremendous playcalling, the precise passes, the balance of rushing and passing plays. If I had to blame anyone, I'd point out our defence who couldn't stop the Eskimos on 3rd and 4 in overtime while we were up by a touchdown. But I won't even blame them. Because no one has to be blamed in such a contest.

The Alouettes did not lose that game. The Eskimos won it.

The Alouettes did not failed. The Eskimos earned it.

All of last evening, through the night in my sleep, and still this morning, one image kept playing again and again and again in my head. All I can see when I close my eyes is Dany Macciocia dropping his headset and jumping all over the field in victory while the Alouettes still had a down to go. And I can't stop thinking "I can't believe we lost to such a nimwit".

That is the one thing that keeps some anger inside of me. When I saw him celebrate too early AGAIN, my whole life became centered on seeing the Alouettes connect on a hail mary to see Macciocia crash and burn. I could already picture him on today's front pages, with his arms raised in victory and a title like "A night of celebrations for Montrealers".

Anybody noticed how only one Eskimos player came to congratulate him after the game? Anybody noticed how nobody emptied a Gatorade container on him? Damn donkey. Damn him for making me bitter and frustrated, while I should just be sad, but proud.

I congratulate all the Eskimos players who executed very well. And I congratulate my mighty birds, who took it farther than 98% of people would have imagined.

I will end this rant by calling upon all the naysayers who were unhappy to see Edmonton and Montreal face off again in a Grey Cup game. Sure, you would have loved to see your team in the big game. Who wouldn't? But admit it. This was just the next best thing...

Cheers to every CFL lovers.

Anothonys fault.All his fault.LOL
Good game, hey Turd.
That was the best G.G. ever.
It had it all.Well maybe not my Argos,but it had it all!!!
Congrats to Edmonton.

Great points, 3 and 10. It was an amazing game, played by two hungry teams. Congratulations to both the Eskimo and Alouette teams and organizations for putting on one of the greatest games ever.
My only remaining question is "What now?" we have to wait seven months before the next pass that matters is thrown. I guess I'll have to rely on the National Felons League to sort of entertain me between NHL games. Yikes!!!!
Is the 2006 schedule ready yet? :lol:

Lucky you, Saskargo. You saw it from the stands, right?

I would have loved to be there. But on second thought, it must be a long road home when you come back empty-handed.

Hey, at least I am thankful I was able to see my team play 23 times this year. Even had two overtimes to see them play a little longer. This is something fans of seven other teams can't say.

That is exactly my feeling every time the postseason ends. Now, the winter, cold and dark is officially here. It'll be long before anything relevant happens. Other than some contracts extensions, or firing, we'll have to wait until February 16th before something gets going.

But I will be here all winter long no matter what. This is my second house.

Right Turd.
I was looking for a rider geek with a Lancaster jersey.Yes I was looking for Billy_soup. It would have been nice to meet him.
Well Winnipeg.I hope I am there next year.I hope my Argos are there next year too.
However if we get a game like yesterday.I will be happy with whichever team is there!!!
This league is the best.So are all the fans!!!!

AC made a costly mistake in the OT, but hell, anybody in that sistuation would have, EVEN IN THE NFL!!!!!!!

So no, AC isn't to blame, he was the only Al I saw still going in the WHOLE GAME.


I would feel crushed if Montreal had won that one. The close games are always the hard ones to lose.

I can only imagine how bad the Als players feel, but they can hold their heads high - the game truly could have gone either way.

Are ya done? Now, go write a paper and get your marks up... :wink:

I agree with most of what you said T&T but believe it or not I dont really feel sad.(Well maybe just a bit) It was an incredable game, no matter which team won the loser would have had nothing to hang their head about.

I as I write this I am transfering it to DVD to keep forever.

Congrates to the 2005 Grey Cup Eskies and to the Als for not giving up after an up and down season when Non-Als fans started to write them off after the first pre-season game.

Ya know what, Ro? I said before the Argos game that the Als were the best team in that division. They proved it. They had loads of talent and I never carved them all year.

I also said that the Esks were the best team...I simply believed it...but I got carved.

Honestly, the two teams met, they played...I've never seen so many hard hits...and one team came on top.

The right team. But absolutely, a great game. Congrats to the Als trainer's for keeping them healthy enough to compete. :wink:

Even though I'm an Eskies fan...

The Alouettes should recieve half a Grey Cup for OT Loss

Although there were lots of other factors.
It could be said that special teams made the difference.
Tompkins got a 96 yard td return and Fleming hit his fieldgoals.
Landry did pretty well, but not close to a td, Montreal gave up a special teams td and Duval missed what 2 fieldgoals?

very true...