my Rankings of the QB's**

if i were in charge of making an EAsports CFL game, this is how i'd rate the QB's outta 100, when considering the last 5 seasons ( im showing how i ranked the QB's comming into this season as compared to after this season ):

2005..................................... 2006
Ricky Ray ------------96 ..... Ricky Ray---------------------------94
Anthony Calvillo ----96 ...... Anthony Calvillo-------------------94
Damon Allen--------- 93 ..... Dave Dickenson-------------------93
Dave Dickenson---- 91 ..... Damon Allen------------------------89
Henry Burris----------89 ..... Henry Burris-------------------------88
Jason Maas--------- 87 ...... Kerry Joseph------------------------87
Casey Printers------ 87...... Kevin Glenn--------------------------85
Kerry Joseph-------- 85 ..... Jason Maas--------------------------83
Kevin Glenn---------- 83 ..... Buck Pierce--------------------------80
Marcus Crandell------74 ..... Danny McManus-------------------78
Buck Pierce------------74 ..... Marcus Crandell--------------------74
Nealon Greene--------73 ..... Marcus Brady-----------------------72
Marcus Brady---------72 ..... Kevin Eakin--------------------------69
Spergeon Wynn------69 ..... Nealon Greene----------------------69
Kevin Eakin------------68

ray missed the playoffs, but im not forgetting the man went to the grey cup game 3 of his 4 seasons, winning 2ice. he also had the most passing yards this season.

calivillo didnt have his best year, but finds himself in the big game again. he gets his team to the big dance year after year.

dickenson finally won the west final and EARNED the start in the grey cup, after many impressive reg.seasons...i give him props for that, but is still very injury prone, missing alot of games again this season.

buck pierce jumped up the ranks with his 5-1 reg.season record....i'd like to see him play a full season b4 i give him too much credit. had the most impressive gain with a +6 over last season

maas fell badly, after leading the league in INT's, least amount of TDs and leading his team to the worst record in the league and having the worst QB efficincy rating.

joseph and glenn both rose up the ranks, after leading thier respecting teams to the post season, and joseph winning his first playoff game.

burris barely dropped after almost mirroring his season from last year, but i dropped him 1 for having 1 less reg.season win and blowing it in the playoffs again.

very good analysis....

I take pierce over maas, burris and allen any day.

joseph had better #s in 05 but you ranked him higher in 06.sure he one his first playoff game but with lower #s and a way more tallented offence he should be lower.and im a joseph fan.


Kerry Joseph is way too high.

  1. Dickenson
  2. Pierce
  3. Ray
  4. Cavillo
  5. Burris
  6. Maas
  7. Glenn
  8. Joseph
  9. Butler
  10. Jackson

You've got Pierce ranked to low in my opinion. He was second in efficeincy this year to Dickenson with no one else even close to them and he was first in completion % with over 73%. 8% better than Ray and an almost whopping 17% more than Burris.

caey printers gets a 98, and 99 speed rating.

richie williams gets a 75

spergon wynn gets a negative 50

eric crouch gets a negative 20

kerry joseph was 3rd in QB effiecency, 2ND IN td'S, 1ST in QB rushing yards, and 3rd least amount of INT's b4 his injury...and even still, got to the west finals...which is better then burris did in 2 seasons with calgary, yet noone is arguing i ranked burris too high.

as for pierce, i want to see him play more then 6 games b4 i rank him up with the big boys...but i did give him the highest jump on last year with a + 6...if he starts somewhere and does what he has shown thu 6 games for an entire season, i would easily jump him up to the high 80's or low 90's....he just doesnt have the history of the other QB's....theres alot of QB's who've had 5 good games, but that doesnt mean theyre top 4.

most people here want QBs to rise and fall 50 points on 1 season...thats not how ea sports does it.