My Question

Is Marcel this weak at preparing at team for games going into the playoffs or is this team saving all the good plays and emotion for the playoffs ? I heard Marcel referring to a Vanilla offence kind of what they do in pre-season . I am not sure if a team can turn it on and off just like that. One thing I noticed was there has not been any seperation between our receivers and their Db's the past 2 games ...every ball is a jump ball or either man's ball .

I am of course hoping that this team has a lot of plays up their sleave for the playoff game . Well I hope so for Marcel's sake because f he was trying to do well in these past 2 games then he really has to go .....

Most of the time , this teams is NOT good on the road ..Let's hope the rested leaders can set the example : Coburne, Glenn, Rey Williams , Johnson along with Knowlton , Baggs and Hickman.

Montreal is still pretty banged up in the defensive backfield ( Estelle, Anderson, Boulay and now they lost the starting canadain OT in Bourke and a key receiver in Watkins ..also Calvillo is getting older fast

Winnipeg has their starting QB pierce out and their starting RB Fred Reid as well as their starting MLB out ....Joe L

Let's pray that this Ticats team has some tricks up their sleaves and can step up in the playoffs

They cannot. It doesn't usually work that way. At least not based on all the football I've ever watched.

this team has been turning it off and on all season. i guess we'll find out next sunday what switch they pull

I noticed that they did not use the end-around to Williams at all this week, and I don't remember if they used it last week. You know, the one that has the same look at the front end, but so far about five variations? I suspect that there are a few more variations in this set of plays, including one with Thigpen or Williams throwing a pass, maybe even to Glenn or Porter downfield? That non-use of this set of plays tells me that they were indeed using a vanilla offence.

And maybe that's why they didn't try an onside punt against the wind in Saskatchewan. They have to play in Winnipeg if they want to make it all the way, and there's a strong chance of wind there too. No sense in giving this play away in a meaningless game.

Or am I just overthinking things?

They did run it once in Saskatchewan, with Aaron Kelly who was playing Williams' spot.
I don't remember if they actually gave him the ball or just faked it to him though, and I don't feel like looking up the stats to see if Kelly had any rushing yards.