My PreGame Speech...


Forget 1-8.
The season starts today.
We're two games back of the Argos and two and a half back of the Eskies.
That's all that matters right now.
We need this ball game to stay within range.

Our Senior Management have made a commitment to win and help is on it's way. But it's up to the guys in this room to keep us in the hunt.
And today is crucial.
Everybody has to step up and do a little bit more, play a little bit harder.
Don't just take what they give you, take more.
Go get the ball on defence.
Make things happen on offence.
Make big plays on Special Teams.
Own this game.

It's a new season and it all starts today!

It's a good speech. Very motivating.

But I don't expect us to win against Toronto. Printers won't play, he's way too early in his time here to be ready. He'd have to either run about 5 plays only, or else improvise like mad. I think Chang will start, and though I hope for an improvement on last week's performance, I don't think he'll beat a pretty decent Argos team, led by a pretty good QB in Bishop. So the Argos will have 4 wins to our 1. I can't see us catching and passing both them and the Eskimos this season. I'd rather focus on playing good, hard, competitive football the rest of the year than worry about making the playoffs.

Still like the speech though, and I'd deliver it to the players if I was coach.