My Predictions

I was looking over my rosters and though I'd look over what each teams rosters have and seem to be missing to get an idea of what the season might look like. Here are my thoughts :smiley:

West 1st: Well, BC SHOULD be great this year, that's for sure BUT they're weekspot is their DEFENSE, they're missing a Starting DE and a LB. The OFFENSE though... OUCH as long as the OLine holds up, DBs better watch out!

West 2nd: Calgary is the team that might surprise, and I think Burris might lose his starting role to team chemistry with one of these 2 running QBs, Akili Smith or Barrick Nealy (who is rumoured to be the next Printers) add in the amazing RB Reynolds plus the BEST WR corps in the CFL... DOUBLE OUCH! DEFENSE, they're okay, depends on their training camp depth.

West 3rd: Edmonton, tough one. They have the offense to do it but they did last year too and look what happened. They have like 15 WR in camp but apart from Tucker and Mitchell... Oline is looking good and the DLine too. They seem to be missing LBs especially though but they picked up some good DBs.

West 4th: Saskatchewan is moving to a pass-first offense this year. They signed some great speedy WRs (second best WR corps in the CFL) but the problem is, they have Joseph or Crandell to throw the ball! Plus their defense is missing quality LBs and DBs like mad. They took all their money to get WRs and saved on the DBs and LBs. Bad idea in the west :smiley:

East 1st: Montreal's Offense hasn't changed at all! It actually got leaner! Calvillo did some arm strength training for the first time this offseason and at camp he was throwing some SERIOUS bullets on target. Same OL with better back-ups, Same RB with better back ups, WR's we still have our best and dropped our worst ones, then picked up Thurmon and Stokes, which, have the potential to choke though. Defense, WOW! We have a powerhouse team on DEFENSE. The Als basically have 2 starters for each DLine and LB position! Seems they might all be rotating to keep the D fresh too! We picked up Charbonneau and Spenser from Edmonton to deal with our DT losses but our DEs... WOW! We still have the super fast Stewart now with Cheatwood (I hope), with Truluck and Acholonu who are almost as fast too! We also have 6 starting LBs, with Strickland and Donnavan Carter form Winnipeg on one side, Ellis (run) and Mackay (pass) in the Middle and Grace form Calgary with Taylor on the other side. I'm smelling the Als are going to be pressuring like MAD this year! Our secondary though.... we're looking good but not great. Boulay as Safety with Sanchez and Kent but after that, they're okay.

East 2nd: Winnipeg looks a lot like Saskatchawan, ironic that half of each others players are playing for the other team this year. They have the best RB in the league with Roberts and great depth at WRs like Stegall and co. The OLine improved BUT they are still stuck with a crappy QB(s)! Dline is as badas as last year and the DBs are good too. Simpson in the middle is great too.

East 3rd: Toronto, WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY THINKING! They are hosting the Grey Cup this year and they don't even try to improve their offense! Great QB line up. Okay RBs, maybe John Avery will get his revenge on the Argos for Ricky Willimas, who knows. They also have no depth at WR but at least they kept Miles and Bruce, and good OLine. Defensivly, nothing drastic happened. Replaced Cantor with Belli, still great with LBs and superb depth at quality DBs! The D is going to have to carry them, while the offense sputters.

East 4th: Hamilton is looking good this year, well they couldn't look worse, but they, like Edmonton, also had the talent last year but didn't have the chemistry. This year, they added Shaun King to battle Maas and have a great RB corps but look what that did for them last year :smiley: WRs well, nothing great on this team either. But they improved their OLine so I would think they will have to run the ball a lot with Holmes, Davis, Radelin and Lumsden and hopefully Bauman WR (#1 pick in the draft) will be a great starter for them. Defensivly, it's not pretty either. The DLine is going to be dependant on the other 1st round pick, Bekasiak to be successful. LBs are just average and the DBs too but they did pick up Karikari to help out Cody, the ONLY Ticat allstar last season! LOL!

West Final:

East Final:

Grey Cup:
Montreal vs BC/Calgary Tough one!
QB: advantage BC with Dickenson and Pierce in their pocket passing offense but Calgary is giving Burris his last chance and midway we might see Akili Smith take this crazy run and gun speed offense all the way with some team work and DISIPLINE unlike last year.
RB: advantage Calgary by far with Reynolds one of the best and great backups too.
WR: tie, both have great WRs with BC having the best but not having as much talented depth as Calgary though
OLine: BC, same OLine as last year and both have average ones
DLine: BC by FAR! Calgary's weakness
LBs: Both teams are renovating their LB situations, tough one to call now, slight edge to Calgary for added depth.
DBs: BC by FAR! Calgary has good DBs, but BC scares me everytime! I know because half their players were ex-Als that I found AMAZING! Miles, Banks and Washington are the top 3 DBs in the league!!! That's just tough to beat, ask the Alouettes :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Still a tough one to call but passing against BCs DBs... tough as hell and the pocket precision BC QBs can destroy Calgary's inexperienced DBs.
Basically Calgary COULD do it, but BC WILL do it :smiley:
So its...

BC vs MONTREAL in the GREY CUP this year!
And the Als will need a BALANCED offense to beat BC, not just our passing game... but the Als DBs aren't that experienced either... HMMM! That's going to be another great Grey Cup game!

QBs: even
RBs: edge to Als with Roberts
WR: Simon/Cahoon Clermont/Watkins Jackson/Thurmon Simmons/Stokes... BC :frowning:
OLine: Als with great depth
DLine: Tie, both are loaded with All-stars.
LBs: Als, way too deep with talent.
DBs: BC by FAR.

Looks like the Als need to establish the run to beat BCs LBs to win and BC needs to pass deep to beat the Als. Nothing new :smiley:

Too close to call! :smiley:


I so disagree with you..

Everyone has such a low opinion of the Riders, yet they fail to see that the Eskimos have made just as many big changes, if not more!

like come on boys. take off your Esk goggles and see that your team is far from a contender.

True. And what's so bad about Joseph? He was hurt through most of last year. The Esks didn't really do much this off-season either.

I think Montreal's Offense got better than last year's. Stokes brings a new dimension to the screen pass, and Thurmon is a deep threat with Watkins.

Also, apparently we have a kid called Estelle, and he has a big play capability anytime he touches the ball. Defense, you're right, we're stacked. Hopefully the Blitz 80% of the time system changes, so we don't leave our DBs out to dry.

ALSO, Chip Cox was released by the Redskins and The Als have his rights, we could possibly see him back in the lineup, keep our fingers crossed.

And, I personally see Saskatchewan finishing second in the West, and giving BC a run for their money at first place. Last year, the Riders were a good team, and a young team. I think with that 1 year of experience together, they will do damage.

And love him or hate him, depending on How Thyron Anderson plays, he can be another threat to opposing Defenses. Just got to make sure Thyron tries a little.

Pretty good job marty but I think you have given some teams too much credit for their defence and others not enough.

First Ryoon, the Riders are thrid or a fourth or third place team at best this year. The Austin offense almost killed the Argos remember. With all those Renegades that killed a franchise can they get better? Now Thurmon. You had to know this one going to come. The guy is a 35 % receiver. He will catch the ball 35 % of the time on a good night. A few years ago because of injuries to the Riders receivers this guy was their number one receiver with the Stamps he was 6th at best. Thus his departure. So if he is an upgrade to your Als receivers you are in for a bad season. The Stmaps thought they were getting a good deal ain getting him away from the Riders. But found out mid season the guy needs a laundry basket to catch the ball.
Good luck to the season for my second favorite team but this is a mistake with Thurmon.

LOL, I must have missed that part about Thurmon and Stokes upgrading the Als receiving corps.

I think Montreal's Offense got better than last year's. Stokes brings a new dimension to the screen pass, and Thurmon is a deep threat with Watkins.

There you go piggy. If Tolver gets cut in Calgary the Als should go after him he is very good.

Since when do the mighty Als pick up other teams scraps ? :cowboy:

I lost all respect for Thurmon in a couple of games last year where he out right quit running. Maybe I am a bit critical on the guy but when the ball hits your hands you have to catch it. Remember Kwame Peterson well Thurmon has the same style of catching the ball :roll: Oh ya Taman got Peterson did he not! :lol: :lol:

KP, was a game breaker for sure, I hear he is still dropping them in the Eskies camp. :thup:

I just read at the zone, the Ticats cut Kwame Cavil, hey Als, bring back Kwame.

That would not suprise me. If Calgary lets Ralph go do not be suprised if the Eskies go after him. Ralph is a very good pass catcher. I am hoping he survives.

Yes Cavil is gone.

Cavil cut AGAIN :smiley:
Thurmon, yeah but this year in camp, he seem to be inpressing coaches with... his catching!! Figures :smiley: But at least we got rid of past dead weight, now we have 1 possible one instead of 3 last year :smiley:

Did you honestly place Montreal in 1st in the East?

This will be the year that the Als will be dethroned as division champs in the East. Winnipeg will be in 1st , followed by Montreal, who will face a western opponent in the East semis.