My Prediction For Upcoming Season

I'm sorry to say this but...

I predict that the Tiger-Cats will finish in last place in this upcoming season.

But I want to be wrong!

Oh... and even if they go 0-18 I'm still going to cheer them on! Ticats Black and Gold forever!

Right now ... they do look like #8

....but there is lotsa time to change that

After Meeting The Football Operation Staff tonight at Endzone. I am Impressed..

At least with Coaching staff
after talking with Everyone
I learning a lot ..

I hoping for at 7-9 Wins..

meh id throw a number out but its to early to tell, once we have a roster for trainingcamp and i go n watch some team chemistry ill judge them, but s bad as they look right now, ppl r right its to early to tell.

Who needs a roster?

We've got a brand new coaching staff who have not yet developed a system nor have they evaluated what talent we have, why don't we make predictions right now?

Because we're not Ken Peters?

(sorry, but I'm on a roll with this guy)

If the Argos get a QB, the East would be somewhat clearer to predict, IMHO.

I don't even look at the tea leaves to read them until after the FA signing season winds down, so it's way too early to speculate.

Oski Wee Wee,

Right now we're finishing tied for 1st with an 0-0 record cause the schedule is taking forever to come out

Ti cats will lose the eastern final.

you heard it here first.

no reason, just what my crystal ball insists on telling me

After all, how can they not do well now that they got rid of Paopao and Ronnie, whom so many blamed for everything.

What does your other ball tell you about the west? :slight_smile:

gonna be an extremely dry hot summer.

I will only comment on the # of wins once we get a receiving core. I can only think of 2, fleming and ralph!

With the QB's we have we definitely won't
win even 50% of our games!
A unpredictable 1st string QB and two
third string QB's

Our opponents in the East all appear to have regressed.

That is a good sign and my glass is always half full.

I predict we will get in the playoffs
and after that anything can happen.

Good Luck my friend ! I wish I had your
faith. But it just doesn't look good.

I am not out on a limb with my prediction, GOTC,
three teams out of four get in the play-offs.

When Charlie and Mike put in a system
our QB and players have confidence in

and the players develop confidence in each other
there will be a brand new culture within the team

and it will lead to winning NOT whining!

That same process will evolve
with Rod Rust's Defence, too.


Were you one of those guys who wanted
to fire the Coach of the Raptors, GOTC

after their first West Coast trip?

No to that question.
Don’t get me wrong the improvement in
the coaching staff will definitely help
but without a healthy or proven QB you
can go only so far! say 7/11.
I want to make the playoffs this Year!
and we need a better QB to do that period.

I think it will take them all of five minutes to evaluate our talent. :oops:

5 minutes to evaluate them , weedman?

I kinda thought it was a good idea that
our new staff will be in town by Mar. 5th

to take the 2 1/2 months until Training Camp
to evaluate the players on our roster
and set up systems that suit their talents.

Then, again, what do I know