My prediction: Bombers will trade for Richie Williams

It's rumored that Matt Dunigan will be named OC for Winnipeg soon. Dunnigan hates Printers, but is a big fan of Williams, and Glenn is now out of favor in Bomberland. Therefore I can see Dunnigan lobbying new Bomber boss Mike Kelly to trade for Williams before training camp.

I Hate to see Richie Go
He is One guys you can count on to keep the mood light and work hard will doing it

Richie is a 3rd stringer. Period. I love Richie but if you can get value for him in a trade, please do so.

I thought Kevin Glenn was going to get traded to BC and they were going to let Jackson go.

I see we are already bored 1 week into the offseason.

Maybe we can trade for Zekeeee. :roll: or Canada again. :roll: :roll: :roll:

Seems Winnipeg will hire Mike Kelly as head coach.

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I would think the head coach will have a major voice in picking his assistants.

I'll be sorry to see Richie go if he does. He's a good player and person.

What I read (link below) was that Kelly is going to be his own offensive coordinator (no Dunigan, no Khari Jones)…so that the factor of Dunigan liking Williams is now irrelevant.

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Do you really think so?

I would be very surprised. Do you know what you are saying?
If this goes through, it means that BOTH Williams and Timmy Chang would be Bombers. So, 2 former Ticats, who couldn’t find a roster spot as starters, will now play for the 'Peg.


:cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

I was bored 5 minutes into the off season. I need my fix of CFL info..trades....signings...ANYTHING!

How about we trade Williams for Chang?

How about Zeke for Williams; we throw in a new spleen so Canada is healthy again and would be willing to come to Hamilton. Then we trade the rights to that guy in Buffalo and the draft pick back to Winnipeg for Canada.
Bottom line = Williams for a healthy Canada, straight up and we get Zeke back.
Just got to get a compatible spleen donor. All you Moreno fans, line up to do this; you can live without a spleen, and which is more important, your immune system or the Ticats' defense?

       Make the trades, Bob, and you are forgiven.

Seriously I don't see Winnipeg giving up too much for a QB who would be battling here for 3rd or 4th string; it's about as likely as some team trading us 1st string all-star offensive LT for Casey Printers.

William is a Proven Backup on a team with weak pass blocking, comparing Ritchie to Printers, Williams was the better qb on the 2008 Ti cats. whatever happens he,s sure to land on his feet in the cfl for a long time

would love to see williams in toronto

Tune in on Sunday.
He will be carrying the ball for Miami...against Buffalo

Would love to see Printers in BC. :lol:

Williams will be gone before camp... either cut or via a trade.

No arm strength or pocket presence. Looks to scramble way too soon and can't read the defence from the pocket.

I predict for next year;

1 or 2 - Printers - has the experience and really wants to prove himself and get on the road to redemption

2 or 1 - Porter - great patience in the pocket, strong arm and can run well also, lots of upside

3 - Trafalis - based on what we saw, he looked pretty good. A logical spot at #3. Talked to Scott Mitchell and the team has high hopes for him. A Garcia type player.

This off season is already killing me!