My Post Game Analysis

On Offense

Cobb - He needs to start being utilized more as a receiver, he's not getting it done on the run, but throwing him the ball in the backfield is in essence the same as a run.

Porter - I love the kid, but he has to sit the next game, give his head a shake. He's not getting it done, not that he's playing poorly, but we need points on the board - our defense can't do it all.

Rodriguez - Very uncharacteristic of Prechae last night to drop so many passes. I'll have to chalk that up to just a poor game for the All-Star.

Davis/McDaniel - Two great receivers we have here, nice to see our corps growing strong.

Stala - Played very well, he looks very impressive for someone who had what was basically a two year hiatus from football.

Hage - Why is he still playing Center? He played College ball as a Guard, maybe Hudson and Hage should switch positions, but Hage's snaps are horrible.

Play Calling - WILDCAT WITH TWO YARDS TO THE ENDZONE? WHAT THE HELL! Just pound it in there, that was pathetic.

We left a lot of points on the field, and if we had some execution this would have been a very winnable game.

On Defense

Floyd - We need you back, right now.

Adams - We need you back, right now.

Long - We need you back, right now.

D-Line - While not horrible, we need to put the opposing QB on his back at least a couple times a game, and that just isn't getting done.

Beveridge - Please, please, please, stick to Special Teams. There has got to be somebody, anybody better than him at Safety!

All-in-all though, are defense is playing well, holding the Offensive Juggernaut known as the Als to only 21 points is quite an accomplishment.

Special Teams

Not much to say here. Great coverage, solid kicks from Nick. Our Special Teams is much improved.

After this game, if our offense clicks I feel we're the second or third best team in the league. We shouldn't have a hard time making the playoffs this year. It's nice to say that.

Great comments .

My question is if Long coems back then who sits ? Hickman is having a good year and Mcyntire has been their best dlineman for the past 2 games . i was thinking maybe move Mcyntire to DT to replace Bolden since Mcyntire is big and his best attributes have been tackling and run stuffing instead of pass rush

I think it's to the point where I'd like to see them all play, and thus you sit an extra receiver or running back. Clearly we aren't using everyone who is dressed (minus special teams roles that can be filled quite easily).