my picks for starting lineup based on CFL regulations

This is my pick for the Hamilton Tiger Cats roster based on
CFL regulations of 20 non imports and 19 imports and 3


Offensive Tackle: Pascal Cheron (non import)
Greg Randall (import)

Offensive Guards: George Hudson ( non import)
Wayne Smith (non import)
Fabio Filice ( non import)
Ryan Donnelly ( non import)
Centre: Marwan Hage ( non import)

Receivers: Terry Vaughn (import)
D.J Flick (import)
Talman Gardner ( import)
Brock Ralph (non import)
Craig Yeast ( import )
Mike Morreale ( non import)
Kamau Peterson ( non import)
Kwame Cavil ( reserve roster)

Running Backs: Josh Ranek ( import)
Anthony Davis ( import)
Corey Holmes (import)

Fullback: Julian Radlein (non import)

Kickers/Punter: Jamie Boreham (non import)
Pat Fleming (non import)

Quarterbacks: Jason Maas
Kevin Eakin
Richie Williams


Defensive Ends: Tim Cheatwood (import)
James Cotton (import)
Steve Josue ( import)
Defensive Tackles: Devonte Peterson (import)
Adriano Belli (non import)
Roger Dunbrack( non import)

Linebackers: Agustin Barrenchea ( non import)
Ray Mariuz ( non import)
JoJuan Armour ( import)
Rob Hitchcock ( non import)
Bobby Brooks ( import)

Cornerbacks: Tay Cody ( import)
Airabin Justin ( import)

Defensive backs: Jason Goss ( import)
Chris Martin ( import)
Renard Cox ( import)
Imokhai Atogwe (non import)

Safety: Wayne Shaw ( non import)
Scott Gordon ( non import)

The only thing I'd change from your list is Morreale should start over Yeast and Brooks should be in there over Mariuz.

i think we dress a second import ot (powell) and at expense of davis to 7 man reserve and dress lezi with felice or cheron as one of 4 active non dress
and i too believe brooks starts

I want to see more of Brooks. Notably, I am a Barrenechea fan. I'm hoping that they find some way to get him in the LB corps. Maybe Auggie and Mariuz on the outside.

You have to take into account Armour who would be a very good cover man for slotbacks and rbs out of the backfield . like everyone has said , it`s gonna be tough to pick the starters this season . its a good sign and will make those on the active roster play hard or worry about someone coming in to take thier spot . A good problem to have and Im sure the coaches are scratching thier heads as we speak .

-I think Cook or Powell might make the active roster until Cheron is in game shape

-I think Fatafehi will beat out Josue on DL

-I think the Ticats will find some way to rotate Torrence Marshall in at LB

-I think Bearman could take Atogwe's job as backup DB

-I agree that Beveridge might be cut or demoted to practice roster because of Gordon being here now

Didn't anyone like the QB Josten? I thought he looked sharp. Mind you it was only one series of plays...

I'm Not sure how they could keep both Brooks and Marshall...without getting rid of Armour, who by all accounts is playing real well in camp.

Although with all the bigger feature backs in league now (R. Edwards, R. Williams, J. Renyolds) maybe they could move Auggie to the SAM...and have Brooks and Marshall battling to start at MAC.

Can't argue too much.

Josten doesn't have the arm to knock Williams off of the number 3 spot. He doesn't run as well either.

Armour should definitely start, with Auggie and Brooks.

My 2 cents.

I dont think Cheron will start at tackle, imports will start on both sides. My one cent.

What about Kornegay!!!!!!!

What about Raven?

(had to say it...)

I think Bevridge will crack the roter. I dunno why, but i like this guy's style of play. Also, i hope Talman Gardner makes the team. He played very well from what i've seen at camp and at the game in toronto


Looks pretty good!

On offence, I think they will keep another import lineman, and I believe they may try to squeeze in Kojo, mostly for special teams, although I’m not sure how. They may have to put Davis on the Practice Roster to do this.

On defence, I believe they will need to find room for Robichaud, as he is the long snapper. To do this they may have to cut another receiver, either Moreale or Yeast. I think that Babers may have a chance to knock out Atogwe. I would also like to see Marshall put in as a LB to beef things up when required. To do this, they would have to put Auggie on the PR.

Are you sure that’s the maximum number of players? I thought we got a couple of more players this year. This is going to be tough!!!

Julian Radlein AND Kojo, you meant to say.

I just checked out some old news and found out that the new regulations allow for 46 players to be on the roster, of which 42 can dress. This adds one more import, and one more non-import. The 42 are from 21 non-imports, 20 imports, and one designated import.

This leaves a little more room for players.

i know iwas confused and if any one can confirm i thought it was a 46 man roster 42 dress with 19 import 20 non and 3 qb plus 4 active players (imp or non) who do not dress along with that a 7 man reserve

I liked what I saw of Josten and was surprised especially after all the experts had reported he didn't look very good in TC.
There's a lot of QB's in this league who couldn't thread the needle on a 40 yard pass like he did to Morreale...and he looked to have good running ability ( by that I mean he took what the Argos gave him when he saw an opening). Just a couple of things you can't teach and he did it under game conditions.
Williams may have what it takes as well but he didn't show it friday night.

I've watched richie williams for four yrs. Make no mistake this guy is as cool under pressure as they come. It didn't matter whether we were playing LSU or Kansas or Georgia So. when you needed a first down or an immediate score you could count on Richie. It may take him half a season to adjust to the ticats scheme but he has all the tools (arm, size, speed, accuracy, leadership, decision-making ability) to excel in the CFL.