My own CFL magazine

Hi all! I havent posted in a while(forgot my password lol) but I'm back in action.

So I'm in a grade 10 right now and there is a mandatory project all students have to do and complete from now till febuary 2008. This project can be almost anything we want it to be so I thought of making a CFL magazine.

Basicly I want to make a magazine that recaps the 2007 season and talks about every team's journey through the year. I want to make this magazine for the average fan but, include a few things for the connaisseurs.

In the mag, I want to include a few bios and statistics.

Can anyone give me any ideas for the project?

Yea, here's an idea. Stop being so damn ambitious. Make an erupting baking soda, vinegar, and red food coloring, paper mache volcano the weekend before the project is due; like everyone else. Nerd!



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Meet's answer to Statler and Waldorf.

Now THAT's funny.

Is this the earliest your PNS (pre NFL syndrome) has started?

Ill actually try to help you out....

Try to get an interview set up with a player from the Als (unless thats not your team... But judging from your name I think they are...). Im sure someone would be willing to talk to you for a bit if you let them know what its for. Include predictions for the 2009 season. List the key moves of the season, and the offseason upto that point. Make polls for us on the boards and you can put the results in your Mag as a reader poll or something. Have like a mail bag. Some of us could prolli write your magazine I bet.

Heh .. Statler and Waldorf .. Funny enough, they've probably been my two favorite characters since I was 5.

and yea .. my "PNS" started on Saturday, but really kicked in on Sunday morning when the Moss trade went down.

jman's probably got the right idea tho .. a quick interview with a player would probably do great things for your project .. You could probably do this pretty easily if you hang around after practice ..


....get jm02 to pose for your centerfold......

Statik, that was too funny! :lol: :lol:

How about an interview with Saskargo, and her love affair with the Riders? :twisted:

Oh I would buy that issue maybe a few copies! :lol:
She would be the CFL fan idol!

Lol wow first reply I'm being called a nerd. Hey statik why don't you take your papier maché and shove it up your a$$. Oh why am I waisting my time using bad language on someone who probably never even finished his 8th grade.

And for the rest of you, thanks for the advice!

You are wasting your time Mr. NFL is on a mission to bring an NFL team to Winnipeg! :lol: :lol: :lol: He is also jealous he did not think of it!

And to think I wasted my time using tinfoil instead of paper mache. :frowning:

Ummm Sporty, we're trying to help the kid, not bury him quicker than anything the Gliebermanns touch.

I think you're writing to the wrong "Forum" there, Red. :lol:

He's more like a Don Imus, IMO...

Actually, that is a cheap shot from me, and my apologies to you Statik...

He could write a humourous article, like the time Saskargo and Turkeybend were planning to Marry!

Or the time Saskargo had to honour her bet by being nice to the Rider posters.

Like 2005 said, I'd buy a few issues of that newsletter!

ESA, I may be able to help you out with this. PM me if you're interested.

And no, Red, it does not involve pin-ups.....