My open letter to the CFL & CFLPA

To everyone involved with the CFL,

It's sad for me to see that this labor strife has extended into late-May, which could cause the missing of pre-season or even regular season games. This is an amazing game that has come so far and is on the verge of busting out and realistically could compete with the NHL in Canada and break into the mainstream in North America, especially with TV deals with ESPN and NBCSN. We ALL need to work together to make this happen. Owners and players aren't the only ones on the CFL "team". Fans, sponsors, apparel companies are all apart of this and they need to be heard as well.

To Commissioner Cohon and the owners:

You should all be commended on the great success you have helped the CFL achieve. You have been the risk-takers who have helped make this league what it is today. New stadiums being built, TV ratings higher than they have been in years, and great play have all helped most of your bottom line. Your offer of $4.8 million cap in 2014 was laughable. Please make your offer $5.5 million and everyone will be on your side. Please allow players to get their own sponsorship deals, whether it be nationally or provincially, and make them Cap exempt. This gives a sizeable raise to your players without hurting the majority of teams' bottom lines. This 25% increase will also give owners like David Braley, Bob Young and Bob Wetenhall, who have bailed out teams time and again and still have very little to show for it, basically saving the league, time to figure out how to turn their losses into profits and hopefully lead the CFL into a new era.

To the CFLPA and its members:

It takes a lot to make it to be a professional football player. Heck, one of my family members is a pro football player so I know first-hand the sacrifices and hardships you all have gone through to get to this point. The league is on the precipice of becoming huge and that will benefit EVERYBODY. The leaders of the CFLPA, Scott Flory and Marwan Hage are exemplary gentlemen and they deserve to be in their positions. But they should also know that their days of earning their keep on the football field are almost done. Remember you were the ones that did agree to playing 2014 under the old CBA. Then Flory comes along and now talks of a strike. Flory and Hage should be looking out for ALL of the members of the CFLPA. The vets are not hurting, but they deserve a little more. The rookies and 2nd year guys that come up to Canada after college with nothing to their name deserve to have their rights fought for as well, which it doesn't look like they are. Drop the revenue sharing crap, which would've turned into losses for clubs like Edmonton and Winnipeg who actually turned a profit in 2013. Drop your absurd $6.24 cap in 2014 to $5.5 million, with increases to $5.75 in '15, $6.0 in '16 and $6.25 in '17. Also call for a maximum salary cap to $375,000 and get the owners to raise the minimum salary, the guys who need help the most, not you guys in power positions, to $75,000.

These aren't just my demands, but of a number of people I've talked to that think this is the fairest way to do things. None of us will be satisfied until both of you reach these numbers and if only one of you decide to, then God have mercy on the side that doesn't because you will hear from us. People depend on all of you for jobs and entertainment. We have built up a great thing that can be even greater than any of our imaginations let us. But we have done our jobs, TSN has done their job, Reebok and the league sponsors have done their job. Now it's time for you guys to make it fair for EVERYBODY. This can go away quickly and , if so, I will spread the blame to all of you.