my only complaint about the game

During the game i was seated in an area where there was a good amount of children and they were all having a good time some girl age range of 12 was standing up and she wasnt doing anything wrong and some guy infront of me screamed at her and I noticed after that she kinda became distant from the game. It's ok to say something if someone is blocking your view but do it with a bit of decency specially when its a child.

I agree. We had a jerk behind us that was swearing at an older couple ( I don't know what for) They eventually left and reported the guy. He got a talking to from a kid with a red shirt on but should have been kicked out. Kind of wrecked the game for us. Another reason why, and I hate to say it but, I like to watch the game from the comfort of my chesterfield.

Ya some guys can be jerks especially when a a bus load of Argo fans happen to be in my section. That got tense. Of course being the size I am I do not need any red shirts to set some one straight without being an ass. Especially with kids around. You might have to watch the game from couch it was sell out andf I got a feeling next 4 games with the promotion on now will all be close to sell outs. :rockin:

Sounds like we need a bubble in the stadium to purrrrrrrtect those cat fan's with minor little complaints , If its gage park festivals or bay front anywhere you sell booze and beer you will have those fans, you should no that befor the day you buy your tickets .. Were not playing tennis people its a contact sport with high emotion and to top it off the ARGO's were in town so if thats all you had to deal with you got lucky . I had a guy spilling beer all over my wife and his friend friend peanut shells most of them landed on us .I loved the hole atmosphere yesterday wow goose bumps like ive never had befor . Hat's off to Hamilton Tigercat Fans
and the brave Argo fans that have the balls to step into that cage of crazed Tigercat fans What a celebration of Canadian Football after a parade to support our local workers and the troubles that have faced and dealing with .. I am one very proud Hamiltonian this morning more then most mornings...

Tom! Relax and enjoy your self! :wink:

My only complaint was a woman behind us telling to sit down after ticats scored their first TD, I think pretty much everyone in the stadium was standing except the person behind us. :thdn:

Absolutely, positively no complaints here!
Crowd in my section was lady was hilarious, kids seated nearby had a great time, and so did the old timers.

All participated in singing the infamous "I'd Rather Be a Tiger" song, too.

I think you should've given the lady a lift if you get my meaning. :twisted:

An Argo-Cat fan

great game,great atmoshere,great crowd,but one complaint

I think its time to paint the aisle letters at the end of each aisle along with the ones on the stairs..
atleast 3 times people near us were sitting in the right seat but wrong aisle.

we were in the correct aisle..I think! :lol: :lol:

Yep no kidding, I got the seating mixed up myself I was suppose to be in BB but apparantly I was in A so I ended up moving closer by one row, kind of confusing how BB would come before A.

I don`t think anyone should complain about fans standing up and cheering!!. This is football. If you want to stay in your seat. You should go to the theatre or stay home