My Mom Played WR for the TiCats in 1983 (SERIOUS)

It was part of CTV’s Thrill of a Lifetime series and I have been desperately trying to track down the episode in which she appeared. It aired in 1983 and so far all I can find is a YouTube video showing the intro of the show in which she briefly appears. I have no idea how to go about tracking down footage of this episode.

Do any of the TiCat faithful remember/know where I can see this and present it to her as a birthday present?

Thanks for any help!

Wow, that’s cool!
Did you try contacting CTV?

I remember seeing episodes of that TV show in the early ‘80’s but I don’t recall watching that very one. I can see, online, that it aired on Sep. 26, 1983, as the 2nd. episode of the series’ 3rd. season. So, it would be known as “Episode 3.2”
I think you might be able to find a way to get it through

You have to track that down! I’d check with CTV they should have archives.

Much better than my family’s claim to fame…having my cousin on an episode of Supermarket Sweep from the early 90s

It’s well established that the networks did not archive most programming in the pre-digital days – they reused videotape by recording over top of previous recordings. I’d be very surprised if this program exists in any network archive, sad to say.