My Mock Top 10

#1Rams :Sam Bradford Oklahoma QB
No Question The Rams need QB
They Went Defence far too offen with too many Busts.
They passed on to many good QB
This time they take one

#2 Lions Russell Okung Oklahoma State OT
The Lions have Been using FA and Trades to Fix there Defence
The Lions will put offer sheet in for RFA Hargrove from NO.

[url=] ... 39574.html[/url]

Hardgrove only has 3rd round Tender
After Stafford Took a Pudding last year
They Take the Best tackle on the board .
Lions will then Move Backus from Tackle to guard his Natural Position
They could also Trade Down.

#3 Bucs Gerald McCoy Oklahoma DT
This is aToss up For me
But I think McCoy is Better Pass Rusher.
so the Bucs take him

#4 Skins Jimmy Clausen Notre Dame QB
The Redskin Have not been happy Jason Campbell
Jimmy Clausen Play in Pro Style Offence
I Just can't See the Skins letting him go

#5 Chiefs Bryan Bulaga Iowa OT
The Chief Blocking has been bad for a while
Bulaga Plugs right in and Help a Bad Oline for years to come

#6 Seahawks Bruce Campbell Maryland OT
With The Seahawks making Trade with the Chargers for Whitehurst
They have too Good QB
So They Go out and get a Freak in Campbell
who play LT or RT

#7 Browns Eric Berry Tennessee S
The Browns have Watching Berry
The Feel he canplay every Spot in Secondary

#8 Raiders Dez Bryant Oklahoma State WR
What a Shock All Davis Picks another WR
Davis Feel this kid will be another Calvin Johnson
He Won't let him go

#9 Bills CJ Spiller Clemson RB
Under Chan Gailey the Bills will Run the ball
There not happy with Lynch if this pick is right they Trade Lynch Elsewhere.
With this pick Jackson & Spiller give Bills a nice 1 2 Punch

#10 Jags Ndamukong Suh Nebraska DT
Jags are Shocked to get Suh but take him

Suh is not dropping to 10. I bet my house on it. i'll give you my top ten in a moment.

  1. Rams Sam Bradford
    Could see McCoy go hear if the Rams think the other McCoy (Colt will be around in 2nd round)
  2. Lions Rusell Okung
    Bang on the Lions need an OT more
  3. Bucs Gerald McCoy or Ndamukong Suh
    Flip a Coin, probably go with McCoy
  4. Skins trade pick another team picks up Suh (thinking Jets)
    Shanny likes trading up or down. I can see Rex wanting Suh
  5. Chiefs Bryan Bulaga or Trent Williams
  6. Seahawks Williams or Bulaga
  7. Browns Eric Berry
    The best player available.
  8. Raiders Derrick Morgan
    Need a DE
  9. Bills Jimmy Clausen or Unless the Skins swap picks with Browns or Raiders then they would pic Ronald McClain
  10. Jags Dez Bryant

My two cents

I'm one of the few it seems any more not sold on Bradford or McCoy right now instead of any one of Tebow, Clausen, or LeFevour to be amongst the next NFL feature quarterbacks.

Otherwise solid picks below and I'll write more later with specifics.

This draft is heavy in OL,DL, and LB all for which it is tough to go wrong in the early rounds for sake of ultimate feature players.

I see six quality guys also at safety, with two of them relatively unknown.

By contrast this draft is really thin at the speed positions of wide receiver and cornerback just as it is at quarterback and somewhat at running back.

That's what make Dez Bryant very appealing I think there is a big drop of after him. RB CJ Spiller is very interesting as well, would love Buffalo to grab him if they can get a QB from somewhere and trade Lynch. maybe that could happen.

Here are who look good so far, in no particular order, in my view to be future feature players at positions other than FB, Blocking TE, T, or DT , all of which are positions loaded with prospects with talent with few if any looming busts amongst the top prospects.

Those I exclude for the positions below are those I think they are the potential busts if drafted in the first two rounds. I have listed the school of those who were not at the NFL Combine too.

For ease I will put the minimum heights and/or weights or weight range of the "prototype" by position sought in general by NFL scouts at each position for players with at least average skills for sake of the pro level at the combine or at pro days.

History and free agency show that if a player is not within those estimated spec's, they have to make up for it somehow with vastly exceptional ability. You'll see this amongst many of the older veterans still playing who are somewhat smaller compared to their modern peers too.

These estimates are based on what scouts do with regard to rookies and free agents more than what they or especially the media say.


QB: 6-3

Clausen, Tebow, LeFevour

RB excluding FB: 5-8 to 6-1, 200 to 230, 40-yd dash 4.50

Spiller, Best, McKnight, Hardesty, Keilan Williams (LSU), Karim(So IL)

C or G: 6-3, 300

Iupati, Pouncey, Asamoah, Mike Johnson, Lauvao, Hawley, Olsen

Receiving TE: 6-3, 250 to 265, 4.70

Gresham, Dickerson, Pitta, Dickson, Jimmy Graham, Harbor

WR: 6-0, 200, 4.50, Vertical 36"

Bryant, Benn, Decker, Taylor Price, Briscoe, Joe Webb (UAB)


Inside Linebacker: 245, 4.80


Outside Linebacker: 235, 4.70

Weatherspoon, Daryl Washington, Hughes, Chaney, Lawrence, Watson

Defencive End: 6-3 with above average reach, 270 with agility

Pierre-Paul, Morgan, Dunlap, Griffen, CJ Wilson

Cornerback: 5-10, 190, 4.40, backpedal speed and agility

Haden, Patrick Robinson

Safety: 5-11, 200 to 215, 4.60

Berry, Mays, Chad Jones, Wright, Chris Maragos (Wisconsin), Stevie Brown (Michigan), Morgan Burnett (Georgia Tech)

No way in hell Suh drops to 10th!

Add Ryan Matthews and Ben Tate to my running back list.

He not worth 11m a Season.
That what #1 or #2 Pick will get per Season ..

There no Value there.

One of those two Tackles are going to drop near end of the top 10.

Are any rookies worth $11m a season... Nope.

I would be super shocked if he dropped even close to tenth.

Here are a few additions to my post below by position after positive NFL pro day workouts...10 more days of pro days and then we'll see what names are thrown around that will stick and which will not do so. I list the name of the school for those who did not attend the NFL combine before their pro days.

Rather than guess at what player will go where, I focus on which players I think will be feature players if not also stars for many years to come in the league and which I think are overrated as such.

Note here right from the Browns' GM Holmgren is word that they will draft a quarterback, for which I say yes to Jimmy Clausen, Tim Tebow or Dan LeFevour because Sam Bradford, to whom I give a huge "NO!" due to what seems to me a high risk of injury relapse, will be gone by the 7th pick. In fact, I think maybe the Rams are more likely to draft him and trade him straight away solely for another player and additional draft picks to a team who really wants him more. If they really want him, well they will need more than luck because I don't see him as a Joe Flacco, Ben Roethlisberger, Peyton Manning, or Mark Sanchez making a respectable impact as a rookie.

[url=] ... draft.html[/url]

I think all of the above quarterbacks will be gone by the time the Browns pick in the 2nd round, but on the other hand neither Tebow or LeFevour are not worth a 7th pick.

Perhaps the Browns will trade up to secure Clausen?


RB excluding FB:
Ryan Matthews, Ben Tate

C or G:

Blair White


Trevor Anderson (MSU)


QB Sam Bradford key update:

[url=] ... ulder.html[/url]

I had no idea that Bradford had the exact same orthopaedic surgeon as did Drew Brees. Note that Dr. Andrews himself stated that the chances of Brees returning to play football at all were 1 in 100 given the nature of Brees' season-ending plus one season out injury. The way the comment is spun in this article as "not nearly as serious", as if not to indicate "not highly serious" by negligently excluding that key quote from the same surgeon, steers most readers far from the reality on Bradford despite Brees' longer odds.

Again, given the inference we can make using the same medical source, I say Bradford is likely one solid hit hard enough to be knocked out of a game to be severely marginalised as an NFL quarterback such that it would be risky to think he would live up to the expectations of a #1 draft pick if even to be a steady quarterback in the NFL for very long.

In the end I see no marquee quarterback of this draft unlike the two last year in Sanchez and Stafford, with only Stafford with high impact last season. Even my picks to be feature quarterbacks at some point Tebow, Clausen, and LeFevour have greater flaws from which to grow than have now highly successful draft peers of years past.

Later I'll update my lists below, but probably it will be easier to just mention the names that I think are looming lackluster players or draft busts rather than all the key names for most positions thick with talent.

Note however that the list for a thin draft at the positions of QB, WR, and CB is up-to-date.

Suh won't even drop out of the top 3.

He's still availabe at 3 and the bucs dont take him i will flip out.

were so desperate for a DT and Suh is a BEAST.

Rex Ryan wont want Suh, they play a 3-4 and Suh isnt a 3-4 defensive tackle.

The jets will take a guy like cam thomas or terrance cody

Most folks even in the media consider only the team's immediate positional needs and neglect to examine the business of the draft when coming up with these lists. Personally I think it's like predicting a big poker game and just stick to picking who I think will be either future star or future feature players.

The Rams will take Bradford only to pawn him off for more or they are making a sucker's bet as time will tell when you examine the likelihood of the situation with his shoulder as I commented below after this update on his medical evaluation:

[url=] ... ulder.html[/url]

GM Holmgren at the Browns has made repeated remarks that he is highly hesitant to take a safety that early based on unsuccessful draft history for safeties taken so highly and little or no premium for said players when trading down. The

However the Seahawks with two picks however are in a strong position to play many cards including for Berry should he remain on the boards when they pick.

Ugo your other predictions make sense, but again it's like trying to predict a poker tournament with worse odds than a crapshoot when you acknowledge the reality of the business dimension of the whole matter.

With airtime now on three days with two nights in primetime and prudent regain of control of coverage by the NFL after the draft gained popularity on ESPN earlier last decade, the draft has never been bigger business not just for the teams and players but for sake of the event. :thup:

Note also that the practical conclusion of NFL pro days on 31 March this week at the premier programs USC and Texas really ought to jumble up the mock drafts:

[url=] ... nfirm=true[/url]

after Bradford pro day he'll be a ram no Question..

Definitely no questions now about Bradford's talent and no more drama about the first pick. Bradford stand officially apparently at 6-5 and weighs 236 has the build of Roethlisberger with better talent like Peyton Manning out of college. Bradford already draws comparisons to Troy Aikman's pro day.

His durability after the first major hit is a crapshoot in my view, but then again we saw Drew Brees recover from literal 1 in 100 odds from his sidelining injury for all of 2005 to even play football again according to that same orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Andrews for Bradford. I can't remember Brees being being knocked out of any games since his recovery in 2006.

Roethlisberger by comparison in build to Bradford has done a fair share of sitting out from the vicious hits especially by the Ravens despite not having any known medical issues, and on that basis I am wary still of Bradford's future after such blows during his rookie season.

50/50 Future Hall of Famer or Just Average Quarterback depending on durability from such hits.

In short with the draft in three more weeks, with only NCAA basketball, Tigerweek at the Masters starting Tuesday, the start of the NBA playoffs in between to tide us over I guess, this draft is long on talent for feature potential at all positions except the following:

(Note the approximate prototype specs in the NFL as shown in the previous post)

RB (plenty of fullbacks always, as these are usually highly athetic guys who are otherwise too slow or stiff to be long yardage ball carriers)
Receiving TE (plenty of blocking tight ends out there too like the fullbacks)


Offencive Notes
Of course every team is searching for the next impact rookie like Joe Flacco, Mark Sanchez, Chris Johnson, Ladanian Tomlinson Randy Moss, Adrian Peterson, and the few other rookie et ceteras like in the last decade with the high picks. The only offencive positions highly stocked with such potential in this draft are all on the offensive line.

Defencive Notes
With more teams going to a 3-4 defense than ever, it seems that more of the defencive talent who can play in a necessarily more agile defence rather than solely in a 4-3 is scarcer and at a higher premium than ever.

Certainly a whole lot of the free agency activity already rests in filling these needs.

No position comes at a higher premium perhaps than nose tackle for those 3-4s. These guys are not only about as agile as most NFL defencive linemen yet wide and big enough to almost fill two gaps in the offencive line. Many teams are looking at Terrence Cody at even his fast 360 lbs for example.

Strangely there are far more OLBs than ILBs for such a 3-4 scheme, with some of these OLBs having played defensive end exclusively or additionally in college.

Getting a corner with 4.45 speed or better to keep up with or catch receivers who also is not less than 190 pounds is extremely challenging. Otherwise there are plenty of corners who are smaller or slower from which to choose all things considered of course.

There are plenty of safeties with protoype speed and size though.