my look at the first 8 games of the year

As i preview the Bomber's season to this point, i noticed some things!! We should have a better record than we do, let's evaluate:

Game 1 VS Edmonton - Lefors had a decent game, don't know why people were on his back already, if it was not for a stupid and uncalled for penalty (procedure) on the Serna Final field goal, it could have went to OT and it was anyone's game.

Game 2 VS CGY - Scoring 42 points against the GC Champs was awesome and this was Lefors best game of the year, he showed he can play and the win was sweet.

Game 3 VS Hamilton - This was an embarressing loss and Lefors did throw a pick, but it was a tip that caused it, now everyone was on Lefors, i didn't blame him for this loss, the reciever's (with the exception of Edwards) looked like they were jogging out there and the defense broke down at the wrong times.

Game 4 VS Tor - an embarresing loss (5 whole points) Lefors was terrible, Randall was not much better (but is the least experienced) and Williams totally blew many opportunities for a mobile QB getting sacked when guys are open is totally unacceptable and the reason he is no longer a Bomber, also gunning that last pass when he could have layed it in there, just horrible.

Game 5 VS Tor - Bishops first game as a Bomber, nothing spectacular, a nice TD throw to Edwards and his pick was just the reciever not used to his arm strength, not bad for having 3 practices and less than a week to read the playbook. Kudos to the Bomber Defense and Shabazz and Serna won this game.

Game 6 VS Cgy - James Johnson proves why he is not a returner with unneccessary fumbles on kickoffs, great to see Serna hit that 54 yarder. Reid finally gets the ball more and shows why, awesome runs and a great TD. And AGAIN this is no excuse but when Bishop was Knocked Out The Bomber's CLEARLY recovered that ball, not according to the officials who must have been BLIND as BATS. Next play a CGY TD, poor officiating ONCE AGAIN (The Story Of The Year). Craver proves that he should not be on this team again, Bernards block was awesome on the reid run, Reids second TD was total second effort and determination. Could have been a different outcome if it were not for poor officiating and #80 not catching that last ball, wonder why he is still on the team?

Game 7 VS Mtl - Poor Defense all game, also MTL shows why they are GC favorites, Serna and Edwards were the only bright spots in this poorly played game. I have not seen the Bombers play that far off the reciever's all year and i counted at least 15 missed tackles, just ugly defense. Craver had a great INT, doesn't mean he should still be on the team.

Game 8 VS BC - Holding BC to 10 points shows our defense is ready to step up the rest of the year and will be a force to be reckoned with. Ralph finally makes some great catches, only if he can keep it up. TD pass to Edwards was great, now only if the other reciever's can do the same, we miss Franklin. No Interceptions by Bishop is a great sign, let's not forget Reids Rushing record (260 Yards is unheard of - great job Fred), let's not take away from Bernard and his 11 carries for 112 yards, double threat, look out.


Game 1 weather was lousy that game. Lefors was OK if u consider 14 for 31 and 174 yards. Would have liked to see better play calling, like handing off more to the actual running backs like Reid who was having a good game instead of to brock ralph and romby bryant.

Game 2 was a great game, Lefors' best at just under 50% completion, but the offence was set up by 3 picks off Burris which a couple of times gave them a short field.

Game 3 rough game for the O, defence broke down because of a disparity in time of possession. The D was on the field too long. 7/19 for 99 yards for lefors is a forgettable game. Too bad its so hard for fans to forget :cry: great shabazz pick that game though.

Game 4 agreed, an embarrassment. Should not lose to TO at home with only 5 points on the board.

Game 5 - Some positive, some negative, was an OK game, Bishop ran outta steam and outta plays after only 3 practices.

Game 6 - frustrating game to watch for sure. Was, as i'm sure most fans were, expecting greater improvement from the offence. Sadly, don't recall any recent games at McMahon that weren't frustrating as a blue fan. think we've lost there now what, the last 3-4 years in a row.

Game 7 - MTL is in a class of its own right now. You can't give them much or they'll capitalize. 2 picks and a fumble from Bishop. Defence was on the field a lot. Might have been playing so far off the receivers cause of fatigue. Tackling was terrible, too many long plays for the MTL.

Game 8 - tremendous performance from the Oline and running backs. Absolute fun to watch as a BB fan, especially considering the lows of the offence to this point. And I gotta admit, unexpected after the first series and then BC getting that long TD on their first possesion. Blue responded beautifully on the next drive, tied it up with a TD and BC looked horrid in all facets of the game after that. Unfortunately, this game is an anomaly. You won't amass 300 yards rushing every game. At some point they will need to be able to pass for over 200 yards to win a game, at least I don't think its possible to win a Grey Cup passing under 200 yards every game in the season. The passing attack vs BC looked OK and was finally over 50% completion (11/20), but i wonder how having the bye week right after will affect any momentum they might have built off that game.

Prognosis? As a fan always hopeful, but i guess cautiously optimistic is more accurate. Oline hopefully will keep improving, ground game had a once in a lifetime game last game but has been steady for the most part of the year. Passing game....?