My long-term suggestion

This teams needs upgrades in a bunch of areas but from where I sit in Argo land, your QBs are not progressing. It looks like Maas has actually regressed from last season when he played some great playoff football and Eakin should've shown alot more than he did last night. I mean it looked like he hasn't even practice with the team. My suggestion is that the team bring back Danny Mac as QB coach next season. I'm not even sure if the Cats have a QB coach but if they do, he ain't getting it done. I know he says he wants to stay on as an active player but if the right offer were made to him to return to Hamilton where his wife still works, he may go for it. I think he even wants to live in Hamilton post-playing career. I can't think of a better fit.

An Argo fan

It must be bad in hamilton when argo fans give us good advice .I agree .

Sorry it is not the QB's It's the same Offencive coaching that doomed Ottawa

We no longer can blame the QB's