0 Kori Dickerson KEEP
1 Casey Printers KEEP
4 Tay Cody KEEP
5 Anthony Davis GONE
6 Jamacia Jackson KEEP
9 Nautyn McKay Loescher KEEP
12 Richard Karikari GONE
13 Jason French GONE
16 Zeke Moreno KEEP
17 Richie Williams KEEP
19 Sandy Beveridge KEEP
20 Dwight Anderson GONE
22 Phillip Gauthier GONE
24 Tony Tiller GONE
26 David Lofton KEEP
27 Michael Roberts GONE
28 Jesse Lumsden KEEP
29 Lawrence Gordon GONE
30 Terry Caulley KEEP
31 Jykine Bradley MAYBE KEEP
32 Jojuan Armour KEEP
33 Julian Radlein KEEP
34 Jeff Piercy GONE
37 Jason Nedd MAYBE
38 Matt Robichaud KEEP
44 Ray Mariuz KEEP
52 George Hudson KEEP
53 Cedric Gagne Marcoux KEEP
55 Charlton Keith KEEP
60 Marko Cavka KEEP
62 Marwan Hage KEEP
64 Ryan Donnelly GONE
67 Peter Dyakowski MAYBE KEEP
70 Roger Dunbrack GONE
80 Brock Ralph KEEP
84 Nate Curry GONE
87 Chris Bauman KEEP
88 Jason Armstead KEEP
93 Howard Hodges GONE
96 J.P Bekasiak KEEP
97 Darrell Adams MAYBE KEEP
99 Jermaine Reid KEEP

2 Matt Clark MAYBE KEEP
40 Ryan Glasper KEEP
66 Pascal Cheron GONE
90 Clinton Wayne MAYBE KEEP

21 Sir James Delgardo
35 Antwoine Bagwell
47 Sasha Glavic
57 Eric Ince
81 Kendrick Starling
82 Rashaun Woods
83 Talman Gardner

The list above 21-83 should be tried out these last few games left to see if they should get a shot next year.

Ok…so you have 8 Cdns not coming back for next year. How do you suppose you replace that many Candians in a single off season?

i dont know but i dont think the ones we have taht i said should be gone will cut it for next year. Maybe keep Jeff Piercy then but as for the rest of them i dont know. I guess we can keep Roger Dunbrack also. He does play effectively well and a lot of teams use 2 players to gang up on him a lot

Boy... sure glad you really have no say in the matter...

What is wrong with Anthony Davis? He's a depth guy. Phillip Gauthier is a Special Teams MONSTER.

Dickerson-gone- if you use an american at fullback he had better dominate.
Armstead-gone- the guy makes more than Flick, Marcel needs to go and give his head a good shake if he keeps this guy in the offseason
Karikari-gone- worst player in the CFL
Dunbrack-gone- we cut Hitch but keep this guy? Where's the logic in that?
Lofton-gone- the guys only here because he's 6'4
Tiller and Roberts-gone

Yeah the Gauthier gone part of it was a bit of a head-scratcher for me too. And Piercy?? We haven't even really seen him yet.

Keep Dunbrack... he has been strong over the last few games and he is a leader.

Lose Ralph... Mr. hookslide/run for the sidelines/dropped balls/alligator arms/etc/etc

Lose Glasper... he has been torched for a ton of yards

Wilf - KEEP
Borehamgirl - KEEP
J ........ oops, not THAT kind of list. :oops:

Lofton is all over the field. I think if he gets a chance to learn the game he'll be a solid player.

Awwwww thanks Mark. I'd vote to keep you too.

Man you sound like you have never seen a football game before. Some players you loved two weeks ago and now your saying let them go. Your confused. Like French and Tiller. These guys make plays. Keep Cody ? For what? What has he done? You further let me know you dont know anything about football.

Ummm wats really interesting is you have Jason French as number 13 on your list but I believe that number belongs to our very reliable kicker