My Letter to Premier Doug Ford -- CFL Football Financial Help Suggestions

My parents used to rent a cottage in the Kawarthas late 50s, early 60s. Took the 401 from about #10 to #115. It was basically in the middle of nowhere. Toronto “ended” at Steele’s, and at night we would look south from 401 to see the glow of Toronto lights. Different world.

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Yes. And I can remember old Exhibition Stadium. Winds are still as cold now off the Lake at BMO Field.

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I do that trail regularly in warm weather. It's strange that it's not better known that it's one long connected bike path that's actually quite pretty.

And that you can ride all the way to BMO Field from Weston: down Humber, to lakeshore, take lakeshore going west on bike trails to BMO Field where you can enter parking lot by Ontario Place. Pretty cool, for sure.

It was beautiful back then and there was James Gardens to stroll through near Scarlett rd.

Old Ex stadium was where I became a devoted fan of the CFL. I can still feel the cold winds like HumberValleyArgo talked about. More than once I HAD to buy scalper's tickets to get into a game !!!
Wouldn't it be nice if we still had those 'Remember When' days ?

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Totally. Well, if every CFL fan buys a cloth face mask of their favourite team and also gives as a gift for Christmas (instead of socks or tie or underwear) then I think our dream of a CFL on the lakeshore will live on!! But, man, even last year at BMO, and during the Grey Cup when Ottawa won at BMO Field, I was sitting in the nosebleeds facing the lake 9pm in late November...I don't think I will EVER forget that. Row that boat, men. :football: