my kingdom for some coaches

once again, lack of preparation and motivation. Khari's offensive game plan was embarassing and I would suspect his relationship with Glenn has tied the hands behind our offence as we play to the limitations Glenn presents. Chamblin's defensive schemes continue to struggle. Specialty teams were asleep today. What is wrong with emotion, passion? Marcel will be a CIS coach next year, take that to the bank.

Obie Picked Marcel if u want Marcel gone Obie has to let go

Scott Mitchel won't fire obie !!

So he has to go too

Why do you stop there? What about Bob Young?

He is no Harlold Ballard but I respect Bob
He did buy the Team and get us new Stadium
Ballad won us Titles Bob has yet to do that

The Team needs an Enema
why I did not Renew 500 football 3 years in Row or Worse 8 and 10
I want John Hufnagel or Wally as GM and Coach

I think most, if not all, Ti-Cat fans are thankful for Bob Young saving the team. That's pretty much a given.

But I was asking about your logic as you went up the "chain of command" and stopped short of the owner. Wonder why you stopped there and you really haven't answered that.

Me, I have no idea what the solution is. Generally I'm against blowing things up every year, and I believe continuity is important. Accordingly I'd give more time for Jones and Chamblin, but watching the offense tank and continual relapses of execution I'm at a loss.

BTW, how exactly did Bob Young get Hamilton a new stadium? It was the Pan Am games and our future fund.

Personally, I like Bob Young as the owner, although I disagreed with his WH stance, and blame him for getting the team's off field structure all wrong before the Mitchell/Obie era. I'm liking how he runs the business and especially the game day experience at IWS.

Onknight, if you’re really a Detroit Lions fan you should be used to loosing seasons.

Basically though I agree all coaches should go, but who will replace them. Right now I think some of the local high school coaches couldn’t do worse. Realistically who is available?

That bomb that dropped on the field today was an insult to the people of this city. From the pathetic play of most of the players on the field, to the constant turfing out of good solid experienced players by the General Manager. There may have been good reason to get rid of some of those players but after today, I cannot see one. What I do see is a team that lacks leadership, confidence, heart, and most of all the love of the game. We can all sit here and arm chair QB all you want but the fact is the problems on this team run deep and go right to the top; sorry Bob that includes you also.
How can one team play so well one or two weeks then look like kids playing ball in the park on a Saturday afternoon. Hell the kids would be playing better. This has gone on all year and it is directly related to the leadership of this team. I look at Winnipeg’s turnaround from last year, what the BC Lions have accomplished after their start (reminds me of 1972), to the turnaround in Edmonton. It all goes to good leadership and instilling a good work ethic and a sense of pride on these teams. This team will never achieve this type of pride this year. They are destined to lose as they have been showing us all year. What a waste of some great talent! Wait until next year will be the cry but the people have been hearing that for far too long and they do not get the results.
The ticket people will staff the phones get your tickets for next year it will be great and you will have guaranteed seats for 2014. I paid, but it is a poor investment as I see it, just to say I get season tickets for a bush league stadium with poor leadership that will still be looking for excuses as to what went wrong.
It is one thing to make money it is another to cut off the hand that feeds you and that is what I believe Mitchell and O’Billovich have done to the fans this year. Bob you have been a part of this for a while and your rookie status has run out. When things were looking dicey earlier this year, you have a right and a duty to step in and say what is going on boys. If it did happen my apologies but from what I saw today, no one gives a damn including the players.
My guess is you will lose season ticket holders next year even with the promise of a new stadium, people are fed up with the same rhetoric. What a shame when there was this much talent and everyone in Canadian football was saying watch out for the Tiger Cats this year, they have a lot of great talent. We may have the talent but we lacked the leadership to use the talent and the players lacked the desire to put 100% of their talent into every game. It was a damn shame all year!

X2 and a big AMEN top that. Well stated

Not sure what you mean . Bruce, Mann, Baumann, DeAngelis ?

He's brought in some good solid experienced players. This year alone, of the top of my head: Cobourne, Rey Williams, Medlock, Mariuz. All of which have played very well.

Coupe 6652, X3

Captain wrote:

"But I was asking about your logic as you went up the "chain of command" and stopped short of the owner. Wonder why you stopped there and you really haven't answered that."

How do you fire the owner? He is where the buck stops, unless he decides to sell the team.

It wasn't that long ago that Mitchell gave his voice of support to the head coach. By firing him now the president would be admitting that he made a mistake or was wrong about that decision. That's would be tough on his image and his ego.

I could see Obie changing his mind having said before "better is better".

I've stated before that I don't have a lot of confidence in Marcel as a head coach. Yesterday's game was another example of why....

A poorly prepared team that should be motivated and out to prove that they are ready for the playoffs. The TV commentators repeated many times during the broadcast that the Tiger cats should be using this past game and the next to ensure they're game for playoffs on the road. The results showed they were anything but....

Yes he did bring in some great talent like I said, but you include seasoned professionals to accent and help the inexperienced personnel. This includes the coaching staff we hired, not impressive at all. Understanding MB has been around a while and I still think he can be a good coach down the road but he needs help which I do not believe is coming from the top. Maybe he has and needs to get kicked in the butt but I look around the league and see ex coaches from Hamilton doing quite well thank you. How about the defensive backs that are starters for winning teams. What price did we pay for the new talent? Sorry, I can not get over the fact Obie was cost cutting period. He did not care the new guys needed nurturing to become the great players they will one day become. Calvillo is a perfect example of this teams lack of training and nurturing good talent. It is not new for this city but has been going on for almost 15 years.

It is one thing to get good talent but what you do with it is another animal which we have failed at miserably. Cobourne was helping Grant, Medlock is a seasoned professional same as Williams and Mariuz. All the new young talent is in the receivers and Defensive backfield. Where are all the seasoned pros to help them? Bruce left because he wanted to, Mann I do not know what the story is on him, what about Bradley, Thompson. I know Thompson was a trade but did we need to? Anyhow my point is bringing new young talent is a great plan but how do you train them to be good players especially when you have rookie coaches bringing in a new system? Enough said.

In my opinion, the best head coach we have had during the Bob Young era was fired after Bob's first year as owner.

Now, if he could be pried loose from Western....

I hear and share the frustration in your post, and agree with the inexperienced coaching, but with all due respect I still don't see any "constant turfing out of good solid experienced players by the General Manager'. Yeah, Bradley and Thompson. I liked Bradley, and as you said, Thompson was a trade for Mo Mann, which is a good solid experienced player for another.

HI Coupe:

By coaches who have left here and are now doing well, do you mean LaPolice and Barrissi? The ONLY reason the BB's are still bucking for first place is because of the work of their DC, Tim Burke. Bombers have little offense (Barrissi and Lapolice's domain) and are continuably being baled out by Burke's group. Look at the offensive and defensive stats for this team.

McIntyre was a good acquisition. What about Rose? He seems to be fitting in well. They're not exactly seasoned pros when they got here.

You don't always need to get experience. Most of Jim Popp's offensive line are recent lower draft picks and weren't seasoned pros.

Hamilton hasn't nurtured many players over the last several years because they haven't been successful enough on the field to allow them the luxury of being able to do what Montreal has been afforded, to acquire the depth and allow the newbies time to learn their trade away from the sidelines.

Should this team start to roll on some success, that opportunity may come. Till then, they will likely need to go day to day with the roster, trying to get that magic mixture of talent and coaching, like Montreal has found. And a real quarterback.