My Ivor Wynne Experience!

Hey Rusty, glad you had a great time.....I did too!!! Hell of a show with the CF18's eh!!!

Hope all goes well for you when they ship you out and a big Cheers to you and all of our boys and girls over there!!!!!!!!!

IWS does rock...and I for one DON'T want a new stadium. ( hockey at the ACC just ain't the same).

I know I may complain about the cats from time to time but, when you are there and take in the stadium and the crowd and all the game time experience....its GREAT!!!! and thats why I keep coming back.

Win or lose I am a cats fan, and a night out for a football game is as good as it gets!!!

I can't wait to take my boys there!!!!
Hope IWS never changes!!!!!


Thank you all for the well wishes. I still have about 2 years before I get "shipped out" anywhere. But when I do you can bet I'll be bringing the Ticats with me! I'll never forget my IWS experience.

There's another guy on here that's in the Military. Siqpig. He's already there. Lets give him a hand, too! :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone.

God bless both of you and I hope everyone returns, safe and sound, very soon!!!!

You guys are awesome!!!