My Ivor Wynne Experience!

Last night was AWESOME!

I don't have the priveledge of seeing Tiger-Cats home games due to the fact that I live in Windsor. However, knowing that I am going to the Canadian Military I wanted to check out a home game before I left. IT WAS FANTASTIC!

I heard a lot of bad things about the Stadium... but MAN... the feeling inside of that place! And the fans... you could tell that they LOVED their team. I love the fact that it's not situated in the middle of some commercial area or out in the middle of nowhere. It made me feel like the team was really a part of the community.

And then there was the Fighter Jets!!!!!!!!!! Wow.

The game didn't end how I would have liked and really... there wasn't much to cheer about on field... But my experience was still unbelievable.

A couple of years ago I went to the Stampeders home opener against the Argos (When Prefontaine got punched on the sidelines)... The atmosphere was pathetic compared to Hamilton.

Good job fans and thank you!

IWS is indeed a special place. Good to hear you enjoyed yourself. Come back soon.

Hey Rusty
Glad you enjoyed your Ivor Wynne experience. Best place to watch a game.

It's great to see a little enthusiam for a change. I'm so glad you enjoyed the experience and I wish you all the best. Maybe next time they'll give us all something to cheer about.

Maybe I'll try to go to next weeks game.

Hamilton fans, God bless 'em. Only at IWS can you see a crowd "wave" going in the fourth quarter of a blow-out to the Argos.

I would add one thing: we need a Pigskin Pete, as the Oskee-Wee-Wee chant seems to be getting lost without our number one cheerleader roaming the stands.


You are correct. IWS is a very special place. When the team starts to get it together the place will absolutly rock. The argos took the crowd out of it fairly early. Hope to see you back.

great experience.

usually you see big fat slobs drinking beer spilling it everywhere. people getting trashed because our football team stinks and then beating the crap out of someone for wearing a visiting team jersey. You might see the cops drag someone to the patty wagon. instead of cheering you hear people screaming interesting words that you don't want your kids to hear.
but its all good.
Hamilton is grand

Glad you had a great time...I only wish the game had been closer so you could have heard the passion in the fan's voices as they cheered on the team. :thup: :thup:

If they ship you out Rusty
Keep you head down
Come back in 1 Peace.
Good luck with your Canadian Military Future
We all be Praying for you if your Shipped out.
any time in next 2 Years.

Best part of the atmosphere last nite was "Big Ang" doing the chant from the press box. Reminds me of Wrigley Field and Harry Carey singing the "Take Me Out to the Ballgame"...God bless him
Altho our on-field is stumbling, no better stadium and fun anywhere in the league.
Some people need to chill and quit whining about such little things.

i hate to be the voice of reason, but IWS is not all everyone cracks it up to be. Great view of the game, i'll give you that, but by halftime my ass is sore from sitting on those benches with the handwritten numbers wide enough for a 14 year old. And then there's the people who bring seats to put on the some of them are fine and a great idea, but the people in front of me had bloody lawnchairs on their seats. If my legroom is restricted because of the back of your chair thats reclined, it needs to go!
Put some real seats in, or at LEAST a backrest. How hard is that?! Not as hard as the benches im sure!

Just couldn't help yourself huh?.. you just HAD to find a NEGATIVE.... man o man... way to hijack somebody's POSITIVE thread..

You know what...

Keep those hard seats right where they are!

I have a feeling that once the team starts playing well... nobody will be sitting anyways.

I had a great experience regardless of the score!

I wish I had the Tiger-Cats in my hometown!!!

in other words, we better get more comfortable seats FAST cuz we'll be sittin for a long time!
Sorry for bein realistic. Its not like i was nitpicking...uncomfortable seats is a pretty major issue when you're sitting for 3 hours!

No, you’re right. I did take note of the fact that the numbers on the benches did not leave much (or any) room for someone to sit down and my bum was sore… but I had such a good time that I didn’t even take that into consideration when writing this post.

Thank you Bob! The game experience was great.


When I first walked into the stadium I saw Pinball making himself a sausage. I don’t like the Argo’s but it’s hard not to like Pinball and what he does for the CFL. I thought it was neat that he was just hanging out in the middle of the stadium concourse. You’d never see something like that in any other pro sport!

For all that is said about IWS, every time I think bad on it, and then when I go to a game, I love it to be quite honest, bench seats or otherwise. And this is coming from someone who keeps saying "build a new one." Hey, what do I know.

Saturday was great other than our team was very good.

I can't help but think how much more awesome it could be when the 28,000 actually feel there's a shred of hope for a victory.

So, if you think the atmosphere is good now, stay tuned for that. Hopefully we can accomplish that before people get so frustrated they walk away.

I like the bench seats and slight uncomfortable feeling they you a bit of a chip on your shoulder.

When the seats are comfortable, you end up with an atmosphere like the Air Canada Centre. Very sleepy.

You see, ideally, you end up standing for a good chunk of the game--either cheering the team on, or in anticipation of a big play. Unfortunately there's been more 'sitting' time than usual over the past....uhhh, well, since about '99.

I'd go back to a game in a heart beat.

I like the reference to the Air Canada Centre (even though I've never been there).

I guess I'd liken it to Windsor Arena. We have some pretty hardcore fans. They're known throughout the league for making the 'ol Barn a tough place to play in. Ivor Wynne gave me that same feeling.

Once we get things rolling I can see that place being LOUD! Man... what an awesome feeling that must be.

Even though we lost (big time) there were some amazing moments that made me get a small glimps of what that place can be like!

When Bishop got sacked for the first time that game... WOW! The engery was unreal!


Nothing like our "D" getting the sack and rattling the cage. That gets the IWS fans up on their feet, roaring for more faster than a CF-18.

Good luck in the military Rusty, good on yah...

Oskee Wee Wee