My Ivor Wynne Experience Part 2

I had such a great time at last weeks game that I've just purchased tickets for this Saturday.

I've followed the Tiger-Cats for as long as I can remember, but watching the game on TV just isn't the same as being there. I'm hooked!

I'm just hoping that this trip up to Hamilton will come with a better result!

Go 'Cats.

If you had fun last week, come at least an hour early and check out the tailgating, (or better yet, tailgate yourself) in the parking lot just across the Cannon st. south of the stadium. It’s lots of fun.

I think I just might have to!

Hi Rusty:

If you are coming tailgating, try to come at least 2 hours before the game and come over and say hi to me. I'm on the back fence of Lot J. I'll be cooking the cedar plank salmon.

Remember if you do tailgate, it's bring your own everything including coolers, cups, BBQ, chairs and garbage bags. Have a great time and clean up after yourself.

If you are just dropping in bring your appetite I'll give you some salmon.


Thanks Jare.

Yeah, Woody mentiond to me in a PM about cleaning up after ourselves. I think that's respectable!