MY Highlite of a very dreary game

as we were walking to our seats we passed by where the players walk to the feild it was at this time a normal guy says to me n my buddy u guys wanna help with the flag? As memory serves me correct in previous years it was the army cadets who carried the flag this year there grabbing anyone who wants to join.
With in minutes after instruction i found myself at centre feild in front of a R.C.M.P officer singinging our anthem with the maple leaf directly infront of me.
I dont think ive ever felt such a patriotic feeling like that ever before.
There was a lot wrong yesterday weather performance score etc etc but this moment will forever stand in my mind
THANK YOU VERY MUCH for the oppourtunity it was a true honor

That's very Cool, I am glad you shared that story, it is nice there is a very positive post every once every six months !!

hahaha ur true sometimes i think coming on here is worse then a country song

LMAO, you got that right :thup:

Very cool story. Thanks for sharing.

:thdn: cool