My Grey Cup prediction

The Lions will win the Grey Cup with Jarious Jackson

west semi: Lions @ Stamps
west final: Stamps @ Roughies
East semi: Eskies @ Argos
east final: Argos @ Bombs
Grey cup = Argos vs Roughies

west semi: Stamps @ Lions
East Semi: Eskies @ Argos

West Final: Lions @ Riders
East Final: Eskies @ Bombers

Grey Cup: Lions vs. Bombers

2007 Grey Cup Champions: B.C Lions

Note: Buck Pierce comes back in a few weeks and leads the lions through the playoffs.

The Esks only have 3 wins and look horrible. They still have to play the Al’s twice, the blue team twice, Lions twice, the Riders once and the Ti-Cats once. They will miss the playoffs for the second time in as many years.

It totally amazes me that no one above thinks the Al’s will make the playoffs.

There will be no crossover this year.

It's funny how many people are quick to say "oh there's going to be a cross over this year!" since it almost never happens. How many times has it happened? Twice? And both times those cross over teams lost in their first playoff game.

You have to remember that the 4th place Western team still has to play those tough Western teams so they are bound to lose a few. The East isn't so extraordinarily bad that the 3rd place team can't squeak out 8 wins, which should be enough to get them into the playoffs.

the east’s 3rd place argos are better than the wests esks and stamps ( as proven in a argo beatdown of the stamps ).

the west only has 2 good teams, in the riders and lions…but the lions are down to a 3rd stringer.

a healthy argos are probably 4rd best in the league behind the bombers lions and roughriders.

I think Calvilo is done for good. Who will emerge as starter in MTL?
Or will Calvillo be back in a month?

If todays game was any barometer at all, it will be Brady.