my god!

I'm watching the Weather Channel now, can you believe all the damage down on the gulf coast? JC!!! 80 people are dead and that number is expected to rise.

I feel really bad and sad for this guy, Harvey Jackson, it seems that his wife may have drowned, she is missing. :cry:

Hope my friend and his lover are ok.

On a football note, looks like the Saints are going to have to play in Shreveport or San Antonio until the Superdome is rebuild or a new Stadium is. And the Hornets, I don't know where they will play but I'm guessing Shreveport.

I'm going to do my part to help them out by donating Food and my old clothes.
My prays go out to the people of NO and the victims of this terrible disaster.

We have been watching all day. How terrible.

C'mon CFL fans, show some love

Thanks HT! :wink:

Yeah I was watching that thing when that Harvey Jackson came up. I feel bad for everyone there. I heard the Saints might play in Baton Rouge, at LSU's home field.

How in the hell are they going to get the water out???? Makes the
floods we had in Alberta look like a joke. Truely sad and its only
going to get WORSE!

I dont mean to make light of the situtation but thats what can happen if you build a city on ground below sea level

They are going to pump it out when they get power back on, but that will not be for 2 weeks! turly this is a disater that everyone feared and some thought wouldn't happen. just trerible, but NO will recover but will not be the same again

I remember seing a Hurricane doc which talked abou Hurricane Andrew in 92 and what would happen if a Hurricane like that hit NO and they did an animation simulation of such an event. Well, that just happened and these images mirror those in the doc.


ro youre right, but whats done is done. Im sure theres alot of people
looking outside right now, wondering the same thing.

Good luck pumping it out. Its filling up as we speak.

… in a Hurricane prone area like the Gulf.

Yeah, I’m sure people will think twice abou living there. I love NO, but it shouldn’t have become a big megalopolis of 1.3 million people, it just can’t handle it and it’s just too small.

It’s like the foolish man who build his house on the sand.

Man, I feel sorry for the people who live there.

I'll give a donation to Red Cross.

Good on ya! EskJebus!

yes ... its an incredible disaster.

California falls into the ocean following massive quakes time and time again ...
The gulf suffers massive hurricanes time and time again ...
Tornado's destroy trailer parks ... yet people still buy them in Tornado alley ...
People in Winnipeg own Red River property .... and it floods every 10 months.

People are stupid ... its a terrible thing ...

I am in constant debate with myself whether I lend a helping hand in the form of a few dollars ... on one hand ... yes - you should help anyone in need. On the other hand ... I think Darwin .. if you are stupid enough to live in one of these locations, then the entire population gains with their loss; as we can effeciently help remove the stupidity gene from the gene pool.


Sad but true Statik but you can't blame some people like the people of Bangladesh, who have no choice. but I say lets move most of the folks of NO to Shreveport.

The death total in NO maybe in the THOUSANDS!!!! :shock: Now I'm REALLY worried abou my friends down there!

even the guy that writes "Rouge, White, and Blue" maybe has lost his house to this hurricane.

Truly unbelievable!!!! This storm has effected us all! the remnants of the hurricane are now starting to move into Quebec and the Atlantics.

One thing that amazes me is the looters.
No house, no electricy, but hey, steal a TV

I thought I saw it all with the Tsunami last year at Boxing Day, but this one is really bad.

KK hope your friends are okay!

Prayers go out to the all of the families affected.....

As bad as this one is, the tsunami was worst.
no warning and 250,000 dead

I think they think they will be abou to sell it later, but it is likely short criticted and no good.

Thnaks Sportsmen, I posted a thing on the Weather Channel post, cross your fingers and pray!

Yeah, I know the numbers are higher, I guess you just never expect something of this magnitude practically at your back door.

This one hits me harder then the Tsunami did. Its' like it hit home. Though it was in the states. Where as the Tsunami hit South East Asia, a place I've never been. Very sad.

Well, it’s too early to tell yet what the death toll in this disaster will be. However, the Tsunami was a much bigger disaster.

I’m starting to compare this to other Hurricanes, including Mitch which killed over 11,000 people in 1998.