My Game Plan for 2007 Season

(1) Price of tickets Stay where they are.

(2) Bring back the Tradition Packages..

(3) Hire Charle taff and Let Him Bring in his Own Staff

(4) Split the GM Duties.
(4a) hire a Football GM Eric Tillman.
(4b) Rob Katz Should Just being Handling Contracts.

5 More Public Appearance Before the Season and During

6 Bob Should be out in Front
Talking to media and Boosting his Ticat Brand..

7 Hold Prices for Food and Beer where they are

Your going to lose some of Fan Base..
That is a Fact..
By Holding Prices of Tickets and food You will limted the Damage

Bring In Good Coaching and Football minds
will help that as Well

Some good points Onknight, i hope you dont get attacked like you did the other night.

I basically agree with all of them, Why not have 2 GM's? One to handle talent and the other to handle contracts and budget. Very interesting idea.

I think the amount of public appearances has gone down this year, whereas it seems the Argos are always doing something in their community. Is it because our attendance is so good people feel we dont need to be present in the community? Im not sure.

Anyways, good points Onknight. Although i wonder if the traditions club will be brought back.

Onknight was attacked, why?

if they Don't Follow Some of these
I see the Following next season :

Season Ticket Base Dropping 18 to 14 Thousand

Media Not Covering the team as Close.

Record Worse or the Same as This Year.

People will not buy food or Beer

Tickets have gone up Less Walk up Crowd

Excellent ideas - good thinking outside the box on #4. I have one year left for my Traditions Club, and I will be commuting from the Kingston area (hopefully) for the games. I don't think I could justify the cost of season's tickets if they raise the prices.

Absolutely agree with your #1 point. I think that in the least the existing 3 year plan season ticket holders should get to renew for same price. It is just pretty scary (more like insane) thinking about paying the price listed in this year's brochure for Tradition's Club members.

We are having a Real Bad Year..
You Have to be Seen more and up Keep PR.
Durring Years like this.
Fans Need to know They Can see the Players.

if not Season ticket next Year Will Suffer..

Actually #4 is what they have now.
Lancaster, Smith and McCarthy find the players and Katz signs the contracts.

Those of us who bought season's tickets in the first year of the Young era have been slightly protected from price increases if we committed to buying for 3 years. My guess is that they hoped the product on the field in year 3 would be good enough to get people to fork out a much higher price to renew in Year 4. That doesn't seem to be the case. I wonder what they will do for us?

Red 24

I would how many are in year 3?

Dont forget #8: Ticats as Eastern Champions at the 2007 Grey Cup, Rogers Centre. Man, that'll be some party !