My Game Day Experience

I'm never one to whine or complain, but...

I brought my young family to the game last night (wife and two young kids ages 4 and 7). It was much anticipated being Canada day, family day at the park and having beautiful weather.

We were sitting high up in section 7 very close to section 6 which was a great vantage point to watch.

The problem? The music between every single play was so overpoweringly loud it took away from the game completely.

Honestly at one point I thought my ears were going to start bleeding. :lol:

My 4 year old was complaining so much about it that we were forced to leave early.

We'll still go to as many games as we can afford, but never again will I choose seats anywhere close to those speakers.

Regarding the game I thought the loss fell squarely on the shoulders of Glenn and the play calling of our new OC.

Bright spots? Medlock, our linebackers, Eddie Steele and surprisingly our DB'S, Young and Hinds in particular.

I have been to sporting events and had the same experience, where you dread any break in the action because you know you're gonna get blasted. Field Operations wants to keep things hopping during down times and it's a big area to fill with sound. But to those sitting up top, it's rough. Also not good for your ears or your children's. Good plan to sit down low next time.

I've visited Ivor Wynne for Tiger cats games for over 30 years and the music volume has always been a problem. Sometimes, the music is so loud that I can't even hear the radio broadcasts with headphones on.

There have been complaints made before, and so far, no solution has fixed it. We have a 5 and 7 year old and I can't take them to the game for fear that the noise will hurt their ears.

Maybe in the renovation budgeting they can FINALLY address this problem once and for all.

We're all fine where we've been sitting for several years now. South side, low, east half.

I think it's a "problem" at all stadiums and arenas these days. Seems they want to blast us with sound. Some NHL arenas have these ridiculously loud air horns they blow when a goal is scored, very annoying.

As for families, it's great to encourage more families to games. Do you realize that all we need is 7,000 families to buy tickets and we get close to a sellout!

Unfortunately, my seats were in section 25 just under the press box, so I guess you could attribute my experience to bad postioning.

However, the sound system should be better balanced. You should not have to suffer because you're not sitting in the right spot. Maybe, give those whose seats are in that area free ear plugs.

Glad I'm not the only one who recognizes this as a problem.

For what it's worth my family had season tickets high up in section 7 from 1972 'till 1996. I attended countless games as a young kid and teenager. Never were we subjected to that kind of obscene noise.

I guess it's the way of the world now, but does the newer generation really need that kind of atmosphere at the park to make the game enjoyable?

I went to watch my team play last night and was subjected to a rock concert.

I think there's got to be a happy medium in there somewhere.

On another note I found it funny how all the smokers were crammed into this narrow "cage" on Beechwood Ave.

Kind of like animals. :lol:

I think they use the north side speakers to carry sound to the whole stadium, thus the volume is stupid high if you are sitting next to them. The NBA started this 'constant entertainment' concept at sporting events. It takes away from the game experience as you can't have a conversation with the person sitting next to you. Fathers can't explain the game to their sons, buddies can't debate play calling, etc.


I can tell you we weren't the only ones suffering either.

There was an older couple in their 60's in front of us who literally cringed everytime the speaker blared. They left early as well.

In any case I'm done complaining.

Despite the inauspicious start to the season I'm still an optimist by nature. Give our boys time to gel and they're going to bring us the cup this year. :slight_smile:

Aside from the score, I had a great experience.

The tailgate at Scott Park was alot of fun, met some really cool people. Got 4 guys from work to buy seats in Box I and come to the game and tailgate. Was pleasantly surprised to find port-a-potties there, don't know who to thank for that, but it wasn't the Box J Boys this time. Maybe the organization? Whoever it was is ok in my books.

At the game I got better acquainted with my neighbors in Box E, due mostly to my obnoxiously loud horn. The two guys right in front of me and their wives are long time season ticket holders who moved recently from Box D. Beside us is another nice young couple who are STH as well. The fellas loved my horn and immediately asked where I got it. The ladies, ah, not so much. I took a little good natured ribbing from them but all in good fun.

I will be bringing three more horns July 16 for the guys. For the ladies, three cowbells. They cant beat us so they might as well join us. Box E just got a little louder.

In an unrelated matter, noise makers won't be the only gifts I'm bringing next game.

You see, something strange happened to me at XMAS. My neighbor showed up at the door with a Santa gift bag that contained a Saskatchewan hat. Brand new. A real nice one. He explained that someone left it on his doorstep, but knowing what a big TiCat fan I am, he thought it must have been one of my friends playing a XMAS prank on me and left it at the wrong house.

To date no one has claimed responsibility. Maybe Santa is a RoughRiders fan? I intend to bring it to the game, still in it's Santa gift bag, and give it to the first Riders fan I see wearing a Lancaster jersey. Merry Christmas.

X2! :thup: :thup:

Thans you for the porta potties, whoever is responsible.

Great tailgate yesterday!

I'm in my early 50s. I like my music loud but sitting in Section 6 yesterday was annoying as hell. Turn the music down or play music that is more appealing. Better yet, give it a break once in a while.

I'd like to thank the Cat Assistance Team young lady who helped me down the stairs (I was on crutches). Happy crowd in Box J with the Boys. The new fans behind us were funny. Thanks guys!

Only thing I missed was Christina was lovely beer girl that served Box J in the pre-season Montreal game. Please bring her back. :rockin:

Once the team works out the egos & issues on offense it should be a good year.


I've sat it the same seats my entire life and have never had a problem with the volume of the speakers, but last night was brutal.