My first trip to Hamilton

So I made my first trip to Hamilton on Saturday for the Edmonton/Hamilton game. I went with my brother, and the first thing we did was walk through the CFL Hall of Fame. It was pretty cool. It was interesting to look at some of the old equipment and all the different awards and trophies. I took a few pictures while we walked around. I bought an Eskimos flag from the gift shop and chatted with the people there.

After that we stopped at Ivor Wynne quickly to get our tickets, and then we headed to National Sports. Unfortunately, they didn't have much CFL gear, just a few hats. So we headed to the Tiger Town Store. There I bought a Ti-Cats hat. It's all black with the tiger on the front.

Then we headed back to the stadium to catch the game. Walking to the stadium was fun. We decided to cut through the tail gate party. Boy, was that a mistake. I had to take the walk of shame while Ti-Cats fans booed me mercilessly. :lol: When we got to the stadium we got some food and found our seats. It was a fun game, and it was definitely a little weird. Unlike on TV, you could see the entire field, and it was interesting to see the players stand around during the commercial breaks. Oh, and you guys have some fine looking cheerleaders. I just wish the announcer would've mixed up his comments a little. Each time they came out, he'd say something about them having the best moves, blah, blah. :lol:

The rain was insane. It started pouring in the third quarter. It poured a few times. My brother and I were soaked to the bone, but we toughed it out with the rest of the fans. And then we laughed at all the Ti-Cats fans cursing the Argos after the game. I'd love to go to the Labour Day game just to listen to the Ti-Cats fans abuse the Argos. :lol:

The next game we'll be going to is on Sept 18 when the Stamps come to town. I'll be cheering for the Ti-Cats when we go to that game.

Since we can't post pictures, I'll just leave this link: It's a picture of me at the end of the game. You can tell my shirt is drenched. :lol:

Nice post Chief,

Glad you had a good time in spite of the weather… Labour day is not a day for the faint of heart…lol it can get nasty at at times… but that’s the blew teams fault, we just defend our honour, THEY are the ones that start stuff…we just FINISH it…lol

No matter what anyone says… you’re Ok in my books

Nice post Chief

re:National sports..I was there on Friday..they have a rack full of CFL t-shirts,golf shirts,long sleeves...all affordable ($15-25 aprx)..
so if you are still in town, I would check it out again..the rack is near the running shoes

Hmm. Maybe the guy just took us to the wrong spot. He took us to where they had the NHL jerseys hanging on the side wall, and he said they had a couple hats and some t-shirts, but I couldn't spot a single CFL hat. They were all NFL. They had some green and gold jerseys, but they were all Brett Favre jerseys. Maybe the guy took us to the NFL section instead of the CFL section.

They did have a bin of CFL hats out front for $9.99 (not sure if I mentioned that before), but we decided to just head to the Tiger Town Store.

Like I said, we'll be going back for the Sept 18 game, so we'll check out a few other sports stores, as well as the comic book stores. We didn't get to check those out this time around because my brother had just gotten back from his vacation, so he was a little strapped for cash. We might head to Hamilton a little earlier next time just so we can make an entire day of it.

It's a nice looking city, and I couldn't believe you guys actually have mountains. We passed a sign that said Mountain Access, and then we started going up this steep road. :lol:

8) The guy obviously took you to the wrong area, because as I mentioned to you in your original posting they certainly did have CFL stuff. I saw Eskimos coaches golf shirts and t's. along with Montreal shirts !!
  The trouble with these people working at these stores is that they don't have a clue about anything they are actually selling there.

   Prime example, I asked one young sales clerk if they had any CFL stuff and she said, "I don't think so, but we have NBA stuff here"  !!!!

   Unbelievable.    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

Apparantly Zellers has partnered with the Tiger-Cats and is carrying the line of clothing which I just learned day too late might I add because I was just asked yesterday where Ticats fan gear can be bought and I said the only place I know of is at a game or at the Tiger-Cat office at #1 Jarvis St.......

.now I know and can give better directions..... :cowboy:

Superstar Sports in Jackson Square has lots of Ticats stuff out front.
I haven't noticed whether they have other CFL stuff as well, only because I've never really looked that closely.

Chief said,

It's a nice looking city, and I couldn't believe you guys actually have mountains. We passed a sign that said Mountain Access, and then we started going up this steep road.

I'm surprised Chief, I thought everybody knew that had Hill people. :stuck_out_tongue:

FYI, the "Mountain" is a section of the Niagara Escarpment, the same geological feature that forms the cliff that the Niagara Falls fall over.

Do the Zellers in Hamilton carry Ti Cats jerseys? And if so, what are the prices like?

That's pretty funny. The guy we asked wasn't that helpful (or even that courteous), either. I think next time we go, we'll just walk around the store and see if we can find the CFL stuff ourselves. We won't bother "troubling" any of the employees.

That made me laugh. :lol:

I had no idea. That's pretty cool. We were also impressed with your downtown (we drove through after the game to get back to the 403). We liked the lights in the trees, and the old school lamp posts.