My first Tiger-Cat Hero.......Joe Zuger

I've always thought that declaring a sports athlete as a "hero" is somewhat lame and dis-respecting of people like Armed Forces personnel, first responders like police, fire, ambulance etc. until one day I sat in a quiet spot with Ron Lancaster. We chatted about the normal stuff we usually chatted about and then a father and son approached and asked for autographs, I watched Ron respond to the Dad when he said, Mr. Lancaster, you have always been my hero......Ron, graciously said, thank-you and I hope I can always live up to that honour.......

So, after they left, I asked Ron if it ever bothered him that people called him their "hero".......he said, not at all !......he added that it was a reminder to him to always act as well and honourable as he could and the exact way he was taught by his parents to treat people as important human beings always......So, I asked Ron if he himself had any football heros........that answer came swiftly..........Johnny Unitas!...hands down! Ron, in turn asked me if I had any football heroes, and I said, being from Hamilton, my hero was always Joe Zuger first and Ron Lancaster as a close second....I then went on to explain that Joe Zuger lived right near my cousin's house near Westmount High School and we used to go knock on his door after the Ticats won a big game just to cheer him on........and he seemed to love our interruption on his private life.....Ron smiled, looked content and went back to showing me new jokes that came into his computer via e-mail......Ron soooooooo loved good jokes!

I miss Ron Lancaster even though he was my number 2 hero.......actually, truth be known, Bobby Orr is #1, Joe Zuger is #2 and Ron Lancaster is #3......sorry Ron! :lol: :wink:

Seriously, to get to know Ron Lancaster personally is a blessing that many of us who did, will always cherish......he was one of a kind......

Terrific post, deerhunter!

My favorite sports heros are

  1. Joe Montford
    2)Grover Covington
    3)Tim Cofield

4)Bruce Smith

Yes I miss Ron deeply.