My first GreyCup, wow what an experience

I am 14 years old and i have had season tickets to the Ti-cats since i was 5, but this was my first time going to the GreyCup

woah was it fun. (would have been better if i was allowed in to tigertown :x )

i saw pinball at one of the street festivals, saw dave dickenson at East Side Mario's, and my dad talked to a defensive lineman that played for the eskimos in the 80's and i got to take a look at his grey cup ring (i think his name was eddy kearns or dan kearns, and apparently his brother was a tightend for us in the 80's as well)

got my picture taken with Nick Setta.

it was pretty cool seeing almost every seat filled in the rogers centre. and woah was it loud when james johnson got that 3rd interception to end the bombers chances.

the halftime show was pretty sweet (although i am not much of a fan of lenny kravitz)

i had a great time at my very first GreyCup, and my dad and I will be going next year as well to Oylmpic Stadium (which apparently is very scary cuz the seats r so steep)

(i hope to see the cats in it though :smiley: )

Good for you, glad you had a good time.

right on kid! Trust me, you will enjoy it as you get a little older.. and when you are able to go to these events on your own.. take advantage of it!

Grey Cups are great! And i'm going to Montreal in Nov 08 to see the Als put on a show there as well!!

i've been in the attendance for 3 games... and I've been to the festivities for 6 games!

Edmonton, I went in 1997.. and then living here naturally i attended the festivities for 2002 but I didn't get to go to the game..

I went to the game in Regina in 1995.. and again in 2003. :slight_smile:

I have been to Calgary twice to enjoy the festivities and parties..

i am gonna be there in Montreal!

Good for you, my young friend. There is a fear that the CFL is losing your generation. Tell all your friends about your experience and get them out to football games. Every little bit helps - you are the future of the CFL. :thup: