My First Grey Cup

Hello Everyone,
This is going to be the first Grey Cup for my wife and me.
I'm a huge Argo fan as Toronto is my home town and I was very disappointed that they could not advance to the big game Sunday afternoon. However that being said we will both attend the Grey Cup and we will enjoy every second of this great Canadian sporting event. We will cheer for both the Riders and the Bombers they both deserve to be in the game. We hope that this will be the best Grey Cup ever and it will show my fellow Torontonians that we Canadians have a very special institution in the CFL. We don't need the NFL in Toronto this is Canada not the USA.
I am looking forward to meeting my fellow Canadians at this great sporting event.
That's all I have to say.
David and Susie :rockin:

Have a great time! I wish I could get thereā€¦ lol

Hey David. Glad you are not abondoning the game because your team didn't make it. Grey Cup weekend is a celebration of football and the CFL. It is so much fun. I highly recomend going out every night and day to the various pavilions and events. You will not regret it. Grey cup is not just a game its a party.

ya man, my first GC was last year in the peg and it was a fantastic time in the city. i am sure you will have a blast and glad to see that there are still toronto fans supporting the league.

Excellent read David!!

You guys'll have a blast! The Grey Cup is like no other game you'll ever go to.

I remember the '96 game in Hamilton, the only one I've attended (so far!) Not only did my team not make it, but the Arrgh-O-Nuts did, and won it. But the festivities (read: pancake breakfast!!!) and the excitement of the game made it a time I'll never forget.

yep those pancakes are real good after Riderville the night before.