My Finest Moment

Im not the most out going guy in the world BUT i was sitting in a pub tonight in Ottawa and guess who walks in… our old friend Clive Doucet!!! so after i finish my beer I walked up to his table, (he was surrounded by a bunch of people who i have to assume its an xmas party) asked if it was him (had to make sure) and when he said yes i Flipped him the bird and told him to "Go F%@# Himself!!!

Awwww one of my finest Moments!

Hope you told him you were a friend of Eugene Melnyk :lol:

That is just AWESOME.

LOL. Golden.

BTW: Did he cry like a *****? :smiley:

He just looked dumbfounded

pointless if you didnt tell him why.

This may be true, but i had my Renegades jersey on, and i hate him for many other reasons lol

I'm suprised that he admitted who he was considering that you were wearing a Renegades jersey..
Mindya..this douche probably thought you were wearing a TFC jersey because he is such a moron.