My Final Thread/Post on the CFL Forum

To start, I wish the TiCats and their dedicated fans the best in the upcoming season. Over the past year a group of us have tried to show US football fans good Professional football in the CFL and attend several CFL games. However, a Poster named Mr Bungle's consistent negative comments about the United States, the "last straw" calling us "baby killers" has brought our efforts to an end.
Our Company will no longer allow us to use the Company plane/crews to fly up to watch CFL games, the Sports Lounges that we convinced to show the CFL games last year will not show them this year, the fans that were learning about Your League through watching the games and reading the various Threads on the CFL Forum want Bungle to know that "When your runnin' down my country, your walkin' on the fightin' side of me".
Farewell to the friends that I've made over the year.

Why not just Block/Foe him then you dont have to read anything he says just an idea ....... :rockin:

This is very unfortunate, as I think most of us have appreciated hearing from you and your experiences with learning and appreciating our version of the game. It is a shame that one person can ruin others' experiences. That is one of the downfalls of free speech, that people are free to say whatever they want with total disregard for the feelings, beliefs, etc. of others. And the anonymity of a forum like this allows some people to ignore all civility. Bungle appears to be one of those people.

If it's not too late, there is an option in the forum to add particular members to your "foes list" so you won't see their posts. While it wouldn't stop him from posting these comments, at least you wouldn't have to read them. Another option would be to use the "report post" button on any post you do see that crosses the line; the moderators might be able to persuade him to tone it down.

If this is indeed goodbye, I do hope that you continue to follow the league somehow, as I gather you have enjoyed it over the past year.

Until we meet again.


Mods? what mods???

Someone's being a little dramatic today.

Can you take Seymour with you?

Bob Young, for one. I suspect that he would not appreciate losing an entire market due to the actions of a single fan.

I don't blame you one bit. This is a very poisoness message board now, full of negativity, and envy/jealously of other teams leading to some stubborn arguments and almost obsessive amounts of bad will toward other sports/teams.

Makes it a chore to come by, which is why this place is dying in my opinion. This isn't really even a place to talk about football really, its always stadium or attendance issues, other teams, etc. And when its like that all the time, its hard to get in the mood to talk football so everyone gets dragged into the same stupid threads.

I recommend Twitter, follow a few guys talking CFL and you'll notice more and more people worth following that regularly talk actual football. Lots of people are talking about mock drafts, etc. Way better.

Challenger, I'm very sorry to hear of this news. It is really a shame that an individual can be so narrow-minded and hurtful that it causes such a reaction. I hope you and your colleagues and friends will reconsider, and not let the bigotry of one misguided individual turn you away from the CFL. Please don't throw out the baby with the bath water.

There are many posters here who are very proud Canadians, and are anxious to support the league and Canadian football. I'm one of them. But when any individual goes beyond that to denigrate another country or to generalize about its people, that person is not to be respected or listened to. I've actually never heard of the poster you refer to. Maybe that means I wasn't paying attention and didn't call them out when I should have. Maybe it means I thought so little of his comments that I passed them over without thinking. It sounds like the comments deserved no attention to begin with.

My dad was American, and a long-time CFL season ticket holder. My brother is American, and a Vietnam veteran. My dad followed and enjoyed the CFL avidly for years. My brother follows the NFL, especially the Packers (he lives in Wisconsin). He and I have good debates about the merits of each game. It's all in good sport and good spirit.

It's your decision of course, but please know that for all but a small handful of thoughtless people, you and your friends are welcome and wanted here.

:thup: :thup: :thup: Well said!

Don't leave @challenger99. Just put the guy on foe or block or mute or whatever it is.

Challenger 99

I'm surprised at your tuck my tail and run spirit you are displaying - as one who has lived in the States

I would rather join President John F Kennedy. Who said. ". Don't curse the darkness but light a candle

Why don't you continue to light a candle here instead or have Americans changed in the last several decades

To pick up your ball and bat and run home

To me your running away is not much better then Bungles abuse of grammar and his verbal stupidity

Not too many times a Canadian gets under an Americans skin - please light a match - or at least a bic

Bungle has made some stupid disgusting comments about Americans and African Americans, I don't know how he gets away with it. He has also made disparaging remarks against Bob Young and David Braley.
He can hide behind some made up name and make nasty comments against real people like Mr Young and Braley. That's cowardly stuff. Without Bob Young and David Braley the CFL might have only 6 teams operating right now.
You can criticize some of the decisions that owners make, but when you attack them personally that's another story.
I don't know what has happened to the moderators they seem to have disappeared on this forum.
Bungle should have been banned months ago.

How unfortunate. But, please do not abandon us because of one ignorant jackass.

Leaving us just let's this dickhead feel powerful. He is a coward.

I worked in the US for several years and have an affinity for Americans. To me, you're Canadians of the South. :thup:

If you stop posting, stop supporting a great league, then the jerk gets what he wants.

The mods should have stopped and deleted his posts long ago!!

I especially hope none of the negative comments targeting Americans came from a Tigercat poster. People need to think how bad things would be without the US. your job!!!

Thank you for the positive attitude you have consistently shown me during the past year, it is greatly appreciated.
I have spent my day performing my normal work but the greater part of the day talking CFL. I have a dinner engagement with several individuals tonight and dinner discussion will be the CFL and it's fans. Depending on the quantity of Scotch and Drambuie I consume I will Post either tonight or tomorrow morning what has been accomplished today thru you, the true fans of the CFL.
Have a great evening and again Thank you.

challenger: I hope your company will re-consider.

Challenger 99 I can certainly tell you is rather have you than this Bungle guy.

Is there anyone who can investigate this clown? Looks like someone needs his ip address blocked.

x 2. Mr. Bungle's comment is not acceptable.

Scotch and Drambuie - Rusty Nails

Everyone feels better after a few of these! :wink: :wink:

We must stay classy people,we rep the Team, the League, the City and the Country

But the ARGOSSTILLSUCK! :stuck_out_tongue:

This Forum is for Tiger Cats Chat, after this Post it is time to close this Thread and get back to the CFL.
I won't go into a lot of detail, we are a small group of guys trying to open the CFL and it's fans to new fans, we sure don't control anything in the CFL.
There were a lot of discussions, telecons and E-mails pertaining to the CFL and it's fans today and decisions were based on you, CFL fans, and your Posts to questions we asked over the last year and your Posts on this Thread today. I never anticipated the responses but greatly appreciate your comments.
US citizens and Canadian citizens are for the most part friends and neighbors and will not let the commentary of one individual change that.
Therefore it is your fault that I will continue to ask questions about the CFL, that CFL games will be shown in at least two more Sports Lounges than were going to stop the games this year, that the true feelings of the CFL fans in Canada towards the US CFL fans is enjoyment of the game and friendship.
Finally, although it cost me dinner and drinks for 5 tonight that cannot go on my expense account, we will use a company plane and crew to come up and watch at least 4 regular season games and the GC.
Since this is the TiCat Forum, we will be making arrangements to land at the Munro Airport on 18 Sept and takeoff 20 Sept which means we will watch the Cats/Eskimos game on 19 Sept.
We are looking forward to being a small part of the CFL fan base this year.
Now, lets forget the Challenger Thread and get back to the TiCats and the CFL!


bungle is a jerk but like i told him in the past make it believable…
a little over the top by way too many multiple people trust me no one here in the usa cares that much what 1 fool says on an internet forum