My final thought on Cleo lemon.

Just some things i have been tossing around thinking about the eventual demise of the career of cleo lemon in the CFL.

When Jim barker took over the Argos at the beginning of last year, everyone thought he was nuts for getting rid of the two QB's in toronto. K.J. who had only a small amount of wins over two seasons. a qb can get away with one crappy season after a grey cup win, but not two. Cody picket was no better in any reguard. Don MAthews could not even get wins out of the Two QB's. But most still thought barker was crazy for letting them go. The best either can do now is a backup for edmonton.

Lemon probably should not have came into the league as a starter. But in all honesty, who would you put behind centre in Toronto? No other team was going to give up there #2 QB that year. and many of the #2qbs from the beginning of 2010 are are still bonified #2 qbs. (tate, jackson, McPherson, that tall guy in hamilton).

Barker is a coach that the game has passed by. as a recruiter, or a GM, no problem. But not a coach anymore. Lemon's main problem from my view point was he couldnt shake the 4 down mentaility where you can nickle and dime for three plays, and establish a drive. The guys he needed to make plays, couldnt brake the first tackle. When lemon was outside the pocket, he couldnt adjust to the ends being fast. In the NFL, no one is catching the QB from behind when he rolls out. this made for many blind plays for a loss.

Cleo has a good % and rating. But was too boring for the CFL. When A.C. is racking up more yards on the ground then Cleo, theres an issue. Recievers that he couldnt get on a decent page with. In the NFL the QB needs to manage a game. In the CFL, the QB needs to WIN the game.

In the Hamilton loss, cleo fell victum liek the stamps did. You cant get into a shootout with the cats. they bury you evertime(unless its montreal on a great day). So exit the loss to the cats. BC comes to town. CLeo again expects the players to make plays. no one is catching anyhting more then 7 yards. so cleo does a lot of short dump passes. but the bc tacklers were too good. had only a few of those plays been broken, different game. And a note- BC has been running the CFL since then. Toronto faired just as good if not better then sask and calgary vs BC. the lions are a team that loves it when teams like to spread it out, go over the top. look how they demolished sask and calgary. two teams that love the deep ball

Watching the Argos TV show where it showed that game, you could tell Cleo was tryin to manage the game. he knew the power of the BC secondary and was Doing the NFL thing... play it safe. the reads were not there. he could see the Defensive back field licking their chops just waiting for a big play to run one back. Cleo was playing keep away from the secondary, hoping a short play could break for something. Barker made the wrong call pulling him.

Dalton goes in... and its a mess. Cleo handled it incorrect. But he also knew what was comming. he would have made a better backup then bell. Most likely his CFL career is ocver and done with. But if bishop can keep comming back, anything is possible.

In the end, the fans got what they wanted. lemon out, jyles in. Only time will tell who the better QB is. as much as i was bored of the play of Lemon, i didnt want it to end like this. a quiet release, or non- resign at the end of season to save the embarrasment for cleo and for his team mates.

Well, the reason Bishop keeps coming back is his attitude. There's no way he's a better QB than some of the other guys out there like Leak, even Lemon or Printers. But Bishop has a great attitude and is a great teammate and his team always likes him. After the way Lemon handled being benched, I don't think he'll be back.

I have wondered if thats why we havnt seen printers back. the way he acted during that O.T. game.

A bad attitude is like a cancer to a team and can easily lead to a decline in morale/performance....not always mind, you, but in a large percentage of cases..

Having a mediocre QB with a great morale is sometimes better than the former.

Talented athletes with constant chips of their shoulders don't last in any league.

I still don't understand how Leak ends up in the same conversations as with the more experienced QBs when he sucks big time, but fine take him please for your team if you are that much into his folly and woefully unproven capability to play pro football compared to whatever you might say about any one of the other three names.