My feelings for this team are fading like a bad relationship

Like a relationship in which promises keep being made and are broken, you put all your hope into change and it does not happen, and you feel lied to and cheated on. I've never felt like this from anything other than the Ticats and I'm starting to not care anymore. Just want to move on in life and end the suffering.

Allen: I just checked.....Hamilton has a Telecare distress line. :wink:
This team is not even a's nothing more than a tease.
Maybe it was wrong to mortgage the farm to get him to come here.

And to think we could have got Scott Milanovitch....the Blue team was not afraid to take a chance on him and it paid off. We just wanted someone from the old boy's club.
I still have hopes George Cortez will come through...but it's taking longer than I expected. We are running out of time.

Don't give up yet! we had 9 losses last year and went to the East final. Only 8 losses this year and if we win all remaining games we finish 10 - 8 and probably host the semi. :lol:

Oh boy, somebody is drinking the Kool-Aid ! :wink:

p.s. I know(hope) you were being sarcastic!

The Cats could not have had Milanovich. He was hired, although not officially, before Bellefeuille was fired. Milanovich was an option.

blog: Milanovitch could have been hired...but they chose to stay with Marcel at the time.
But as I mentioned above I am not ready to throw George Cortez under the bus yet.

Funniest post today, mikem!

Don't give up,don't give up,don't give up if I keep saying that good things will happen! :thup:

That's funny cause it hasn't worked for me through the years.

Surprised no one pointed this out yet, but the Cats lost 10 games last year during the regular season, not nine.