My Faith Is In You

he rider fans i know that you guys and us bombers like to argue and disagree. But i have faith in you beating TO. we won our game as most may know and we just need you guys. Just Get Her Done Boys.

Winnipeg is my second favorite favorite team. I hope the Riders win, mostly because they are the Riders. But also, then there is a greater chance of a Saskatchewan/Winnipeg Grey Cup!

like the majority of rider fans, I too would love to see a Rider/Bomber grey cup...
the boys will be in tough tommorow tho... lots of injured starters... Ive really been looking forward to seeing Marshall in action tho, who knows what will happen....
I predict a very tight game, decided by special teams, TOR 18 Riders 16

I think we have the best 'rivalry' in the CFL. I think most Rider fans are rooting for them to win and help Winnipeg out tomorrow, its a win-win (literally lol) for both teams! Riders/Bombers GC '07!! :smiley:

Argos offence hasn't been impressive all year so I think the game will be decided by the capacity of Sask's office being able to overcome, or not, a very good Toronto defence. With many 2nd-stringers on our offence today, we will be in tough but I don't think for a moment that Austin will let them just lie down. He/the team will be working towards a win - difference is we are not playing Edmonton this time so I don't know. But I believe they can do it, even if TO has way more to play for. I just don'T think that TO is as good all around as they need to be win the GC, maybe not even this game. Without an offence they are kinda a boring team, win or lose.

Rider defence/special teams will score 2 tds! Thats my prediction!!!

I think beating TO today has a few benefits, One we go into the playoffs hot, second, we prevent TO from hosting an Eastern Final, that gives them a leg up over probably Winnipeg to the Grey Cup, and I doubt anyone wants to face TO in TO on the 25th. So go Riders and lets see Winnipeg and the Riders in TO later this month. Go Green

hi,we are originally from manitoba and have been living in regina for 11 years soon as my wife and i arrived in regina ,we became rider where in manitoba did we ever see team pride like the pride shown here in saskatchewan for a football team.winnipeg is still number two in our hearts though,hoping to see a winipeg/saskatchewan grey cup.

Id never cheer for Winnipeg indirectly, even if it did the Riders some good for the Bombers to win. At the beginning of the season our destiny is in our hands, no one elses.


A lot of people would like to see Sask/Wpg Grey Cup. That would be huge. Bragging rights forever for the team that won. Well , maybe not forever but at least for one hec of a long time. No Labour Day win would be worth a GC win.