My Experience at Canad Inns Stadium

I just thought I would share with all of you about my pleasant experience, aside from the final score of the game, in Winnipeg for last night's game.

I just happened to be in Winnipeg and Regina for the week for work and I planned my week so that I would be in Winnipeg for the Ticats game. So I picked up a ticket on game day and went to the stadium early just to walk around and grab some food. And of course I was decked out in my Ticats jersey, my Tiger Towel, and my "forbidden phrase" button. (Actually that button was very well received by many fans!)

Let me tell you, the fans in Winnipeg are great and show a ton of passion for their football team. The stadium has a great atmosphere before and during the game and as a CFL fan I was glad to see Milt Stegall get his touchdown. I just wish it wasn't at the Ticats expense!

But yeah, I guess the point of this post was to just share my experience at another CFL city, especially in the west where the fans seem to support their hometown team so enthusiastically. (I think some people on here could learn something from them!)

I also bumped in to some die-hard Ticats fans that are from Winnipeg and I realized how lucky I am to get to go to Ivor Wynne and cheer for the home team. If anyone knows a die-hard Ticat fan from Winnipeg named Lonnie, that guy would do anything to go to Ivor Wynne and cheer on the 'Cats. So that's why the boycott talk really didn't sit well with me ...

All in all, aside from the score, it was a great time in a great football city!

Oskee Wee Wee 'til I die!

  • paul

It's good to hear that you had a good time in Winnipeg. I'd like to get to all the CFL stadiums, but so far I've only managed to get to the Eastern ones and Vancouver (for Grey Cup 99).

Yeah the stadium is nice, but our scoreboard is waaay better! It just never displays the right score! :wink:

Is must have been pretty loud in there when Stegall scored, eh Paul? I'm glad you had a good time and met that Lonnie fellow, I would love to have someone that positive about the Cats around here right now too!

I was there, too, along with both of my kids. A vacation across northern Ontario culminated in Winnipeg. Great feeling in the place, which was packed. Same number of seats as Ivor Wynne, but with almost all of them between the goal posts, so it's a more "vertical" experience. A few quick thoughts:

  1. Bomber fans were very nervous when we took the lead; perhaps they haven't forgotten that it wasn't so long ago that they were the worst team in the league, one we beat regularly.That might explain why some of them are preaching patience to some of us.
  2. Great CFL city. Knowledgeable fans. And Canadian football is king there. There is more CFL merchandise at the sports store in the airport there than you'd find in larger stores in downtown Toronto.
  3. Stegall is class. He wasn't taunting the Cats in his little speech, but thanking them for agreeing to stop the game. The league needs to celebrate its great players. Here's hoping the moment (as much as I hoped it would happen against another team) inspires a kid like Bauman, who played very well.

I'm really glad to hear about your good experience. I'm trying to get there the next time the Cats play in the Peg (Sept 29th). As of now it is the only CFL stadium I have not been to.

Yeah it was a great time. And I totally know what you mean about the Bomber merchandise! Holy crap, they have everything imaginable for that team. And 97% of the fans show up wearing a piece of it in one way or another!

One thing I did notice, was that the Ticat in-stadium presentation is a little better and more involved. But aside from that, Winnipeg is a great place to see a game.

  • paul

ps. It was reeeeaaallllyy loud for Milt’s touchdown, even I had to stand up and cheer for him. He is a great ambassador for the CFL and a real class act.

I've only seen games in Calgary and Hamilton. I loved Hamilton's atmosphere. I went to the home opener and loved it so much that I bought tickets for the game against Montreal and made the 3 hour trek again.

Calgary... BOOOOORING. It was a home opener and the atmosphere was dead. There were also WAY too many empty seats.