My Email To Rob Longley? Toronto Sun CFL Writer??

My email to his Godfrey article starts below:

Just because you're one of these NFL guys in Canada, why then do yo have to
take shots at the CFL?

I mean you say why the NFL should care about a league, the CFL, that hasn't
even got a commissioner? So you're saying we should fold the CFL because they
haven't got a commissioner?

And the CFL should run scared because American football is thinking of
bestowing a team to Toronot? Even though a Decima survey in December said 80%
of Torontonians don't even follow the NFL and don't care it Toronto gets a

LIke I don't care if you love American football. Just don't run down our game
to prove you're somehow more superior. And really. The way you guys grovel to
the NFL. Acting like what the NFL says and does is always so righteous and

I mean the only reason the NFL is so successful is because its a popular sport
in a country of 300 million. If Canada had half the population of the USA, the
NHL would be the most powerful sport in NOrth America by a mile. But even now
the NFL is a marginal sport. Except for the Super Bowl. Which is more like a
big TV show like American idol.

The NFL ain't infallible. Alot of their hype is BS. Like saying one billion
people around the world watch the Super Bowl? Try 97 million in total (todays
Globe and Mail), with 91 million of that being in the USA. Looks like the rest
of the world could really care less.

I just don't get why you NFL types up here have to knock the CFL when its more
popualr than American football? And baseball. And basketball? Because I am
tired of my favorite sports getting knocked all the time, while these American
sports gets worshipped.

And about Paul Godfrey? He says he's "proud" of this new NFL commissioner? Paul
Godfrey? The biggest bumbler and know nothing this side of Ottawa? I'm sure the
NFL commissioner must now feel he's arrived because Paul Godfrey gives him the
thumbs up? I just have to laugh.

Feeding their ego are you

Can I have a link to the article?

Just telling it like it is. Somebody has to.

Toronto Home:
Its in the Saturday Toronto Sun. Go to their websites sports section, click on Rob Longley's name and the article will be listed.

That man is a disgrace.

And he's our man in Toronto for the CFL too? Ain't that just peachy?

It's said how this Longley guy is a joke and now is the Argo writer when the great Perry Lefko left and joined the league.

Lefko was a CFL writer first and foremost. As opposed to guys like Dave Naylor and Longley who are sucking up to the NFL.

They find covering the CFL beneath them, and their main goal is to become the NFL writer for their paper when Toronto gets their NFL team in the next 200 years.

Then again last year I remember Lefko writing that Ricky Williams would dominate in the CFL. I wrote him back saying that the CFL is better than people think, and that Williams find the CFL tough.

Lefko wrote me back saying he wants what I'm smoking. Basically saying I was nuts.

Sorry Perry. I don't smoke. But I think all that smoke from down south makes the media up here think they walk on water down there.

Good email, berezin! Redandwhite may be right (sorry, not trying to rhyme) about stroking the writer's ego, but the email still brings up good points ...