my dream solution

okay i realize that this will not likely happen but a man can dream can't he.
glenn is out for at least a couple games and is still developing as a starter regardless. our backups are not game ready. our receivers without stegall are looking less than impressive... so in solution to our problems. taman gets on the phone and calls up...... wait for it.... dougie. i think you know who i mean. now we would need to make this awfully sweet so we agree to release the receiver of his choice and replace him with his brother(can't really hurt can it?) he becomes our starter immediately(at worst he must still be as good as glenn and in reality must still be better) he is guarenteed this role until the end of the season. next year if he wants it. at the conclusion of his playing time he immediately becomes qb coach and we send working to the ticket booth or concession etc. while doug molds glenn into his protege. once this feat is accomplished we can move him into oc etc. who better to teach glenn( an undersized qb) how to play to his strengths than the master of undersized qbs. also once glenn is healthy dougie can choose which other young qb gets to stay(whoever he thinks he could develop the best). we could give him a guarenteed contract for at least three years at the coaching level. i think that would be safe.

this would make us immediate cup contenders i think or at least guarentee us a home playoff game to pay off his signing bonus.

now everyone call let me know the million reasons this won't happen but does anyone think it would be a mistake if we could somehow entice him to do it.... heck, give him the 700000 we got for switching to the east while we'r at it.

.......nothing wrong with dreaming.....

nothing is a guatentee in pro-sports

so i hear baker is a bomber. i must admit i am a little concerned about his character but his football ability i like. hope this works. and i would be amazed if my proposal didn't work out if it happened.

Taman will drag somebody out of the wood pile of NFL cuts.....remember Jim Zorn......

didn't Doug just become the O cord of the Argos?


Hee hee,
I remember Jim Zorn and his first throw as a BLue Bombers was a 50 yard int. He was promptly booed off the field. Football is (in my opinion) at first about talent. But chemistry with your team-mates can elevate one's game considerably. Just because someone is successful in one place (or league) duesn't mean they'll be successful elsewhere.

… or the Bombers can just let the backups practice, a lot, learn to just take care of the football, and spread the ball. =)

Its more then just talent at the qb position, the players have to believe that the guy taking the snaps gives them a chance at winning, so far none of our back ups have even been close to that level....but bring in a veteran, even if his abilities are on the slide and at least he has the attitude you need and that will rub off on those around him.

…JUST DON’T…let the opposition grab it out of your hands and run for six…that play is still etched in my mind…Quinn should be relegated to the back of the pack …and give the reps. to Banks…at least he has a future…i hope… :rockin:


...JUST DON'T...let the opposition grab it out of your hands and run for six.....that play is still etched in my mind...

That play was hilariuos , never laughed so hard for a game. especially considering that Makay isn't no speed burner and everyone just seems to watch him do it dumbfounded.:lol:
Ya I know you probably didn't see it that way , but it may help you to see the humour in it. many many years of watching this game and playing in my HS years I don't recall that ever happening before.....not to beat the BB fans when they are down, but it was pretty funny.....

my question is this... does kk even know who 'doug' is.

Flutie right? and he has a brother Darren.

well done kk

If what the Chiefs' reporters are saying is correct, don't be surprised if Taman gets on the phone to Vancouver and tries to acquire the rights to a cut Casey Printers.

takes a bow