My current favourite Tiger-Cat is Stevie Baggs..who is yours

Hi all...been very busy lately so I haven't kept in the loop much around here, but I thought I'd at least throw out some food for thought... :wink:

I'm not easily drawn into the "who's your favourite Tiger-Cat" thingy that seems to crop up a few times a year...I generally stay away from that debate.....sure, I grew up with players I paid a lot of attention to for many Garney Henley, Earl Winfield, Rufus Crawford, Wally Watylny, Mike Walker, Jon Hohman, Bill Danychuk, Dave Fleming, Al Brenner, Joe Zuger, Rocky DiPietro, Grover Covington, Bernie Ruoff, Paul Osbaldiston, Mike Morreale, Rob Hitchcock

Those are tough acts for any current Tiger-Cat to follow don't you agree? (and there is a loooong list of others)

But I always make my own personal decision in this regard based on who I think epitomizes what a "Tiger-Cat" really means in these's a special status that few really reach in my opinion (no fault of their own at all)

One guy I am now willing to say is a true Tiger-Cat, shows the legendary Tiger-Cat spirit, pride and responsibility to this city, the team, the fans, his family and basic morals is Stevie Baggs Jr.....I am a better person for having spent some time with him this past week on a project he has going and needed, along with one of his colleagues, some assistance with it. I was so very impressed with him, his old fashioned manners, his outlook towards life, his sense responsibility and committment he feels he owes others who are less fortunate, his open admission of flaws he may have had in his youth and his unwavering love and respect for his fellow man.......he now joins, in my mind and my books, the special list of players who have "Tiger-Cat" written all over them forever.....he "gets it"

Anyone else capture your attention lately who would fit your requirements for being a classic "Tiger-Cat"?

Wow!!! Based on what you've told us, outstanding choice, Deerhunter!!!!!!!!!!!!

I grew up knowing the same names, deerhunter. . . the first house I lived in, we were around the corner from Hal Patterson; and later, when we moved, we ended up down the street from Joe Zuger.

Anyway, to answer the question. . . my current favourite Ticat is Markeith Knowlton.

Hmmm.... gotta be Dave Stala for me. :smiley:

Justin "the most interesting man in the world" Medlock :rockin:

The starting linebackers. If I had to pick one: JJ. They play with the ferocity and attitude that you’d expect from a Tiger-Cats defense.

On offense, it’s probably Dave Stala, but part of me wishes he’d scale the silly antics back a little bit.

Markeith Knowlton. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,


As for the best Ticat representative, it’s got to be the linebacking corp and Baggs. All of them play with a level of intensity deserving of the Ticats name.

Personally, though, my favourite current Ticat player has to be Chris Williams. Back in high school, I was one of the fastest kids in my grade. But I was small, too small to compete against the larger kids. When I watch Williams out there, a small player in a big player’s game, playing as well as he does, I’m absolutely amazed. In some ways, his situation reminds me of my favourite all-time Ticat player, Garney Henley, another player who looked out of place until you saw him play. I know it’s a bit early in Williams’s career to be making that kind of comparison, but there are some similarities.

Thanks to everyone who kept to the spirit of the discussion in that it's not a debate per se''s your favourite Tiger Cat and sometimes there is no explaining is what it is.

First off, sorry about the Wally Zatylny spelling gaff.....oops.... :oops:

Also, @ must have been near Westmount High because my cousins lived across the road from Westmount and Joe Zuger lived a street or two over...we used to chat with him in his driveway all the time back then........he was like a God back then to us kids. :lol: ..I still see him occasionally at Fortinos at Upper James and Rymal

One final point....I include all the Moscas, Faloneys, Barrows, Kerrigans, Kelly's, Grants, Hobarts, Staplers, Inskeeps and Ealeys in my list too....there were so many!'s just incredible!

For some reason, even guys like Steve Worster, Jack Blair, John Manel, Gord Christian and Ed Turek bring back great memories.....for no special reason as you can see, I don't take adding Stevie Baggs to my own list of "favourite players" lightly ........I may have jinxed Stevie when I told him I see him picking off AC two (2) times on Monday....we'll

Again, thanks for weighing in

Like some other posters, my favourite Ticat of all time is Garney Henley.

Many great names listed in this thread. I'm especially pleased to see John Barrow's mentioned. One I haven't seen yet is Ben Zambiasi, a warrior who epitomized Ticat toughness in his era.

Right you are ! Second house was very close to Westmount; Zuger still lives in the same house that he did back then; my younger brother was his paperboy.

Markeith for me right now.... Just a tremendous all around player... pass coverage, blitzing, stopping the run, blocking punts, you name it, the guy does it all.

As long as he doesn’t take any penalties for what he does then that’s fine with me. He seems to have been looking to have some fun ever since he had his viral video moment. And he only did take a penalty for doing that stuff once, and didn’t the CFL admit that they blew that call?

I’m not a fan of his post-TD jokes. But at least one person seems to like them. Notice the big smile on Kelly’s face after the punch line here:

Anyway, here is my list of favourite players:

Offence: Stala
(Honourable mention: Williams)

Defence: Knowlton
(Honourable mention: Johnson)

Special team: Medlock
(Honourable mention: Thigpen)

Overall, Stala is my personal favourite.

But this entire list is subject to change at any time.

Joe Zuger

Safety, punter, quarterback, even saw him go out on pass routes occasionally on reverses. Didn't back away from the physical play - never had a clean uniform after the first drive. Yup, he was one of the great ones.

Last week's player of the game. Sorry, I'm fickle. Need a Grey Cup championship.


Eddie Steele :thup:

The polish tank.......... Stala! :thup: :rockin: he brings his A game every game!

With all the names I tossed out there, I can't believe I missed another player I had as a favourite in my youth.....Tommy Joe Coffey

Somebody slap me! :lol: